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Cloud Transformation is not a project—it’s the process of building the agility you’ll need to stay competitive and customer-relevant both in the short and long term. By taking a holistic approach to your enterprise cloud strategy, you’ll finally be able to lower IT costs, scale up and down with business needs, and enhance continuity, collaboration, and integration capabilities. No matter where you are in your cloud adoption journey, we want to help you achieve and optimize that value. Our brand of cloud strategy consulting results in more than quick wins. We create cloud solutions that are as flexible and sustainable as you want your business to be.

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Reading the signs: Is your cloud strategy flawed?

Most companies focused on applications transformation to the cloud are looking to achieve the three most-touted benefits: cost-savings, speed, and agility. But true cloud transformation is a complex undertaking and many fail in their efforts to achieve these results—mostly because of pitfalls that could have been avoided. Here are some signs that your cloud migration strategy is off-track or could use some recalibrating:

  • Rushing towards short-term gains
  • Focus on cloud technology and not the impact
  • Disaggregation of IT departments
  • Lack of proper cloud security due diligence
  • Existing problems being replicated in the cloud
  • Attempts to do it all at once or lack of buy-in
  • Rushing towards short-term gains
  • Focus on cloud technology and not the impact
  • Disaggregation of IT departments
  • Lack of proper cloud security due diligence
  • Existing problems being replicated in the cloud
  • Attempts to do it all at once or lack of buy-in
Cloud transformation services

“Organizations that do not have a high-level cloud strategy driven by their business strategy will significantly increase their risk of failure and wasted investment.”
Gartner Cloud Strategy Leadership

What makes cloud transformation successful?

A solid enterprise cloud strategy takes the business goals and desired outcomes into account. What do you want to accomplish in the cloud and what will the enterprise gain? Answering these questions will help you:

  • Prioritize and make decisions around each app: Do you lift-and-shift, re-architect, enhance?
  • Identify the best tools and innovate with top cloud technology: E.g., How will you leverage containers?
  • Keep customer needs front and center: How are you improving and measuring their experience?
  • Build a business case for enterprise cloud management and optimization: How will cloud generate value long term?

Make cloud your competitive advantage

We’ve seen a major surge in cloud adoption these past years, and the forecast predicts continued growth. ALL organizations should be gearing up for a total cloud migration, which will become not just advisable, but unavoidable if you want to stay competitive and customer-focused.

Workloads are shifting

Up to 75% of organizations’ workloads are expected to be running on public and private cloud platforms by 2022.

Budgets are future-focused

More than 45% of IT spending will shift from traditional solutions to cloud by 2024.

It’s raining benefits

Companies that have embraced cloud transformation saw an average 20.66% increase in speed-to-market, 18.80% improvement in efficiency, and 15.07% reduction in IT spending.
(Vanson Bourne)

You’ll grow with the flow

The compound benefits of cloud adoption have led to a 19.63% increase in company growth.
(Vanson Bourne)

What do cloud transformation services include?

This is your cloud adoption journey, meaning it should be unique and tailored to your goals. As thought leaders and guides, we’ll help you identify those goals, assess your cloud readiness, and create or optimize your cloud migration/reengineering roadmap. Our holistic approach covers everything from enterprise cloud strategy and migration to enterprise cloud management and optimization. And we’re vendor-agnostic—we want to work with the platform that works for you. Trust us, taking a step back to assess and plan will help you get ahead, no matter where you are on your current path.

Cloud Strategy

  • Understand your vision
  • Identify strategic objectives, key drivers, and organizational goals
  • Pinpoint cloud capabilities required to reach goals
  • Establish high-level processes, roles, and responsibilities
  • Develop a cloud migration strategy (single, multi-cloud, hybrid)
  • Assess public versus private cloud options

Cloud Readiness

  • Identify approaches (replatform, refactor, retire, rehost, rationalize)
  • Assess cloud security risks and legal and regulatory concerns
  • Identify data migration and management needs
  • Conduct cloud migration discovery, analysis, & cost assessments
  • Create a full cloud migration roadmap
  • Develop clear cloud transformation metrics

Cloud Migration

  • Cloud migration planning
  • Cloud migration execution
  • Enterprise cloud management and optimization
  • Kick-off, refactor, retire initiatives
  • Cyber security remediation

Cloud Adoption

  • Map the cloud platform’s functions and services to business needs
  • Assist IT teams in adopting cloud functions and automation
  • Initiate application modernization

Cloud Transformation success stories

cloud transformation services - cloud data collection

Spinning up powerful customer insights for a bearings manufacturer

Our client, a ball bearings manufacturer, was facing rising competition from imitators, but knew they had one differentiator they could count on: service. We helped them build out a lightweight, integrated cloud application that collects data on customer equipment so they can provide swifter and more tailored support.

cloud transformation services - cloud data collection

Accelerating predictive analysis in the cloud

In the trading and investment industry, speedy access to insights is key. So when our client decided they needed a more agile platform to accelerate insights for their traders and analysts, they called on our expertise. We led a cloud transformation effort that resulted in faster run times and new efficiencies.

cloud transformation services - cloud data collection

Moving Ed-Fi’s enterprise ODS to the cloud

Ed-Fi is a non-profit that empowers educators with data, but in order to expand their reach they needed a better way to bring together disparate data. We helped them build and deploy a cloud solution in Azure that reduces implementation time and costs for educators and equips them with real-time insights.

What separates our cloud transformation services?

Helping you fulfill your mission is our primary driver, and for many clients, cloud migration is the first big step towards meeting your stakeholders’ needs faster. That’s why we employ a plethora of cloud experts, versed and certified in the latest cloud technologies and platforms.

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We’re well-equipped not just to do the leg work, but to advise and guide your enterprise cloud strategy. We like to start you off with cloud readiness or cloud optimization assessment—depending on where you’re at on your cloud adoption journey. This helps us discover unique needs, pinpoint exact gaps, and build a foolproof roadmap.

And we don’t just move you to the cloud and then leave you hanging there, unsupported. We’ll help you implement tight cloud security, manage and optimize your cloud solutions, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your data in the cloud too. It’s your journey and our specialty, and we’re excited to help you reach the next phase of your cloud transformation.

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