Agile Transformation

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Your guide to a successful Agile Transformation

Change is happening. Is your team prepared to adapt and evolve? Agile takes more than adopting a set of protocols. It takes transforming the way people think and work throughout the organization. It’s a journey that we’ve been on with businesses just like yours—and we can get you to your most agile state faster.


After reading this guide, you’ll be fully familiar with:

  • The 5 pillars that guide a successful Agile Transformation
  • The 5 organizational dimensions we work with and transform
  • The Maturity Model that helps us assess and drive your progress
  • The 6 high-level goals that are clear, actionable, and customizable
  • The 8 overarching benefits you’ll realize by embracing Agile

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The benefits of agile

Companies from all industries still operate in traditional ways that are not conducive to adaptability and speed. In order to stay competitive in shifting markets, organizations are embracing Agile Transformation. It’s not just about technology—it’s a new way of thinking that impacts all aspects of the company. Our strategy is people- and user-centric. We work with you to understand the ultimate goals of your organization, your stakeholders, and the audiences for whom you provide value. That’s the only way to make sure Agile serves a higher purpose for all. You can propel your team to achieve its goals faster by activating the eight key benefits of Agile Transformation:

Greater visibility
into teams’ work

Speedy decision

Low defects with high productivity

Team ships on business cadence

Higher value



Better organizational decisions

A tailored approach to agile

The common thread that’s driven success for our clients—across all industries and projects—is an approach that’s tailored to the particular needs of their teams and their business. It’s the same for Agile: it comes in many different flavors, and can incorporate practices ranging from lean to kanban to scrum. Our project leads are versed in all methods and can recommend the right approach. Whether it’s a time-boxed project with strict adherence to estimates that lends itself to scrum, or a project that requires continuous delivery that’s better for kanban. We’re familiar with what works best for you.

We originally selected Headspring based on their knowledge on mobile apps and were extremely pleased to learn that they could bring a lot more to the table, including agile development experience, project management, and design. Their flexible and pro-customer style proved to be invaluable in helping us deal with changing market demands.

Claudio Fayad

VP Technology, Emerson

More about Agile Transformation

Becoming agile isn’t easy—it takes knowledge, training, and practice. Our team has been there and has guided clients through the process. Hear about how they’ve solved some of the challenges you might encounter too, and have developed a strategy for driving Agile Transformation that truly sticks.

Agile Transformation Consulting Challenges

It’s not Agile, it’s you: Agile challenges, Pt. 1

So you’ve tried Agile, but it doesn’t seem stick. The methodology may not be to blame. Certified ScrumMaster Lola Mullen talks us through the most common reason for Agile-fatigue (i.e., all the meetings) and offers actionable solutions for finding the better way.

Agile Transformation Consulting

Change management for a truly agile culture

Agile Transformation implies a big change—not everyone is going to be on board right away. Learn how to manage change by putting people first, finding roots of resistance, communicating successfully, and turning naysayers into change champions.

4 ways Headspring partners Agile Transformation Consulting

4 ways Headspring partners with clients to drive Agile Transformation

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for becoming Agile. The methods you adopt will vary widely based on your organization. As partners, we put your people and teams first, relying on these four key principles to drive true transformation.

Client Spotlight

We believe there’s a better way to build and deliver software, and we find it by working to understand our partners’ teams, goals, and vision. It’s this collaborative approach that leads to software solutions that deliver maximum value for your business.

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