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Your software architecture is the scaffold upon which your business success is built—it determines everything from seamlessness, security, speed, and your ability to scale. In order to meet the needs of business today, you have to have a modern architecture that is flexible, scalable, and resilient—one that enables you to launch new products and meet customer needs.

As enterprise architecture consultants, we always start by asking two identifying questions:

  • Can the system change at the speed required by the business?
  • What is the real business value of what you want to accomplish with the architecture?

These answers will form the foundation of your modern architecture strategy that’s aligned with your processes and that supports your ongoing growth.

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Headspring has been fundamental in helping us migrate our application architecture to a componentized model that can facilitate our business growth. They have always operated as a partner to us, first listening to help us identify challenges and goals, then working with us to define and implement the best solutions. We consider Headspring a valuable part of the eMoney team.

P.K. Shiu

SVP of Architecture, eMoney

Our enterprise architecture consulting services

IT architecture is a multifaceted, complex undertaking and our expertise spans all facets. From architectural guidance to implementation, we offer a right-sized approach to getting your architecture up to speed, and empower your teams to work within a new framework.

Enterprise architecture consulting: Distributed Systems Design

Distributed Systems

Enterprise architecture consulting: Enterprise Architecture Guidance


Why pursue new enterprise architecture solutions?

One of the first signs that your architecture needs an upgrade is that you’re not delivering at the speed of the business. But there are multiple concerns, both from a business and technology standpoint that make investing in your architecture not just an inevitability, but an imperative.


With systems built years or even decades ago, it’s common for technical debt to build up, making it ever-more-difficult to update or add new features. In many cases, the original system architects move on, taking with them the skills and knowledge you need to make updates. If your organization is unable to maintain the current architecture as you grow, it is worthwhile to revisit it now.

Customer experience

Your architecture can have a profound impact on the customer’s experience. Companies with multiple business units run the risk of customers becoming frustrated by a fragmented experience. You can avoid this with a right-sized architecture that assists rather than impedes users. This also helps you cultivate a complete view of your customer, tracking them across multiple touchpoints.


Security is tied to the soundness of your enterprise architecture. As your system becomes more complex, you need to make sure there are no holes in your API layers. The architecture should also be able to support a strong identity management solution that keeps your customers, and your data, safe. Secure code = secure architecture, so it’s worth doing a deep dive to get things right.


The costs of upgrading your architecture may seem steep, but the costs of maintaining it over time will be greater. However, if you’re angling towards a serverless architecture, it can be difficult to determine the right amount of resources you’ll need. A thorough design analysis can ensure you have the right compute/server base as well as a firm grasp on the spend you should allocate.


The ability to add new features fast enough is going to be the defining factor for IT organizations looking to deliver more value. You need to be able to add new features without reinventing the wheel—and you want to be confident that your architecture won’t break when you try. You can avoid future technical debt by reviewing and rebuilding your architecture today.


Enterprise Architecture Success Stories

When clients come to us with complex, wieldy systems, we help them create streamlined enterprise architecture solutions that set them up for success. Hear the stories of impact!

Enterprise Architecture Financial Institution

Breaking away from a monolith and into the future

A legacy financial institution needed a more agile architecture to get to market faster with new features. We were partners in their transformation, delving deep into the system to design a new service oriented microservices architecture that will drive their legacy into the future.

Enterprise Architecture Fintech

Making eMoney more agile with microservices

Early Fintech pioneer eMoney became mired by their monolith application which was difficult to update, enhance, and support. We help them move to a microservices architecture and empower development teams so they can scale along with their growing user base.

Enterprise Architecture Cloud-based API strategy

Mapping FSLSO’s path to continued innovation

Our client relied on a cloud-based application to deliver key insights to traders and analysts, and wanted to start leveraging online data warehouses. We created an API gateway and API design that streamlines the query process and opens up possibilities to go public-facing.

What sets our enterprise architecture services apart?

When searching for an enterprise architecture consulting company, experience and expertise are table stakes (and you’ll see from perusing our thought leadership that our team possesses both!). However, the thing that truly sets us apart from other enterprise architecture consultants is our mindful approach, which centers not on what we know, but what you need:


Our IT architecture recommendations aren’t based on the popularity of a given technology, they’re based on data and real business needs.


Our consultants are experts in a broad range of design patterns and tools, and will help you make critical architecture decisions that will set the pace of your project.


We’re passionate about simplicity—constantly striving to design systems that are, they’re reliable, maintainable, and easy to comprehend.


Our architecture solutions extend beyond the technology: We look closely at the impact that IT architecture has on your organization and culture.

Insights from the enterprise architecture consultants

Enterprise architecture solutions are our specialty—and our passion.Hear the stories of impact and dig into some of the technical thinking that drives our shared successes.


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Dive into the different phases of these often-complex projects and learn lessons from our experience in migrating from a monolith to microservices.

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