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Understanding your people, systems, and vision to map a path towards more value

IT strategy solutions designed to maximize execution

Nowadays, none of us can afford to be short-sighted. The question is not “if” your business will be thrown curveballs, but rather “when” and “how many.” As Gartner puts it, “organizations that are prepared to pivot and adapt will weather all types of disruptions.” IT leaders have the power to build adaptability, resilience, and flexibility into their businesses. But achieving that kind of enterprise agility requires a plan.

So, while execution may separate the top-performers from the stragglers, a clear, defined enterprise IT strategy is what separates the successful executions from the flops. Strategy is the glue that keeps all teams aligned towards the vision and which binds immediate goals to the larger picture.

Strategy Solution

“Some argue that success is 5% strategy and 95% execution. Any way you slice it, you need both to reach your goals—and we’re with you 100%.”

As software development strategy consultants, we develop the deep understanding that drives project success. We partner with you to create a technology strategy aligned with your vision and values that will become your competitive advantage. Together, we’ll map out the better way to build software and help you deliver the most value for the business.

Our IT Strategy Solutions

All software solutions require strategic planning, whether it’s a simple app dev project or a full on technology transformation. Our IT strategy approach is designed to meet your needs, wherever you are in the process.
We can help you make the important decisions about where to invest and in what, how to bring new ideas to life, or how to manage your entire portfolio of apps in order to realize the most value. We’re also uniquely qualified to guide you through the technology changes involved in an M&A, or draw you a blueprint for success based on modern architectures.

Headspring Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Take advantage of modern architectures modes—from vertical slice architecture to domain driven design—to build a better software strategy.

Merges and Acquisitions Technology Strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy

Evaluate systems and businesses on both sides of the deal in order to build an M&A IT strategy that drives long term success.

Portfolio Rationalization

Portfolio Rationalization

Reduce complexity and lower total cost of ownership by understanding, evaluating,
and streamlining your existing

Product Strategy and Roadmap

Product Strategy & Roadmap

Bring your technology product to market faster with the future-state clearly defined and an expertly crafted map to realizing that vision.

Build vs Buy

Build vs. Buy

Maximize long-term value by evaluating COTS options against custom software solutions and choosing the best route for your needs.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Gain confidence and momentum by enlisting expert guidance on all things IT: from hiring teams to validating methods and much more.

How assessment enhances your IT strategy approach

Curious how an assessment actually works? In this guide, we explore the essence of any IT strategy consulting engagement. You’ll discover:

  • Why an assessment is your first step to success
  • A value-based approach that covers all facets of the organization
  • 5 actionable assessment deliverables

As with all of our engagements, assessments touch not just your tech, but your people and processes too, in order to drive holistic, long term success.


Software strategy success stories

As seasoned IT strategy consultants, we don’t take anything for granted. We work collaboratively with our partners to evaluate assumptions, assess current methods, and map the best possible path together. An effective technology strategy isn’t built in a silo—it involves your people, your technology, and your processes. Learn how this holistic approach helped some of our valued partners achieve both their technology and business goals.

MA technology strategy

Thorough technical assessment drives an M&A technology strategy

Our long-time client, a private equity firm, needed help forming a technology strategy for a new investment. Our technical due diligence experts delivered tailored recommendations to support a successful M&A strategy.

Cloud Based API Strategy

A cloud-based API strategy streamlines data access

Our client wanted to scale their cloud strategy by moving from on-prem to online data warehouses. We helped them design and implement an API strategy to improve experiences while opening up lucrative possibilities.

Data Migration Strategy

A solid data migration strategy and implementation drives growth

Our energy-sector client acquired a new company and needed to migrate and integrate databases quickly. We assessed both systems, came up with the technology strategy, then led the successful database migration.

Straight from our software strategists

Content from some of our top IT strategy solution builders, covering topics such as conducting an assessment, considering more modern architectures, and creating a cloud strategy tailored to your goals.

Cloud native strategy

Considerations for your cloud native strategy

Could cloud-native become your new ball-and-chain? If you’re considering going cloud-native, here are some questions and considerations to help you optimize your cloud strategy and navigate the challenges of vendor lock-in.

IT M&A process

Why IT needs to be involved early in the M&A process

One of the top three reasons M&As fail is problems with technology integration. Here are the reasons that need to be brought to the table early, and four ways that we partner with technologists to optimize any M&A strategy.

Data Migration Strategy

Why vertical slice architecture is better—if you know these things

Vertical Slice architecture Trumps traditional architecture in the inherent agility it provides. Chief Architect, Jimmy Bogard, shares his insights into how vertical slices work and how to leverage them to evolve your software architecture strategy.

Great software strategies aren’t created solo. Let’s build a better plan, together.