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Some of today’s fastest-growing concepts have roots in community. That’s why open source is core to what we do: We put ideas out there so they can become even better ones; ideas that benefit and can be built upon by you. These open source projects emerged from actual problems that needed solving and have evolved thanks to the diverse perspectives of global contributors.
When you open ideas up, the sky becomes the limit—these tools can be constantly updated and used in ways that work for you.

Projects we contribute to

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Contract testing for
distributed systems

A tool for testing the contract (message format) used by both producers and consumers. It’s primarily handy for coordinating messaging in distributed systems like microservices.

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Fast and efficient
ETL jobs

Bridges your DTOs to SqlBulkCopy via simple mapping. This makes it easy to stream from a data source and stream into a data store, while keeping your memory usage down.



Import excel files to
the database with Entity Framework

Import rows from excel files and save right to the database with Entity Framework. It takes care of the mechanical work of an import, and includes helper functions that you can use in your UI.

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A convention-based object-object
mapper in .NET

A simple, reusable component that helps you map from one object to another throughout your application, eliminating tedious work and extra configurations.

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Simple, unambitious mediator
implementation in .NET

Enables in-process messaging with no dependencies to simplify scenarios in which you want an in-memory request/response and notification implementation.

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Stories from the field

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