Insights to prepare you and your teams for successful transformation

On-demand webinars

Live broadcasts, led by our top talent, that focus on a particular challenge and solution. We’ve recorded each one so you can watch them at your convenience.

On-demand Webinar: Leading with Action

Refactor over Rewrite

How to save your existing app with Vertical Slice Architecture

DevOps Cloud Webinar

Doing DevOps in the Cloud

A Practical Approach

On-Demand Webinar: Leading with Consciousness

Level Up Your Leadership

Session 3: Leading with Consciousness

On-demand Webinar: Leading with Purpose

Level Up Your Leadership

Session 2: Leading with Purpose

On-demand Webinar: Leading with Action

Level Up Your Leadership

Session 1 Leading with Action

Getting Started with Blazor Webinar

Getting started with Blazor

Build interactive web UIs using C#

Survive to thrive

Leading in COVID-19

Asynchronous, agile, engaged

Tools for strengthening team certainty

From .NET Core to .NET 5

Steps your teams must take to make a smooth leap

Building messaging endpoints in Azure

Event-driven cloud architecture options

Introducing Totem

Contract testing for distributed systems

Replatforming for fun and profit

Evaluate your cloud-maturity

Azure Pipelines from scratch

Put modern CI/CD practices into action

Getting on board with NServiceBus

Microservices messaging made easy


A comprehensive look at the services and solutions we offer, focused on how exactly we create value for you.

A discovery approach that drives successful modernization

How the questions we ask at the start of a project lead to a strategy that’s tailored to your teams and business.

Why Microservices matter to CFOs

The benefits of building small, autonomous services extend beyond development teams to impact your bottom line.

Tiny Steps .NET 5 Strategy Guide

Tiny Steps: A strategy for moving to .NET 5

Take some small, iterative steps throughout the year in order to make a smoother transition to .NET 5

Solving the top challenges in banking

Identify your growth blockers and opportunities to evolve, plus 10 tactics that will get you ahead.

From monolith to microservices

Move fast and adapt by building a resilient microservices architecture.

Rooting for MVP

Build the next big thing by starting with the smallest one that matters.

Doing DevOps right

How to cultivate a DevOps culture that vastly improves your delivery process.

Agile Transformation in action

Evolve your tools, processes, and ways of thinking to deliver value fast and adapt to constant change.

Azure Pipelines Pitfalls

Spot these common blockers to get up and running with a full continuous integration and delivery solution.

Discovery drives success

The insights, understanding, and actionable recommendations that are at the heart of your IT project’s success.


A deep dive into your development journey that explores the reasons for change, benefits and challenges, and breaks down the process in detail.

Legacy System Modernization

Modernization is a must

A guide to successfully transforming your systems and processes

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