Headspring OK Human podcastWelcome to OK Human! The podcast that explores topics at the intersection of humans and technology. We’ll hear from experts and everyday practioners about how to manage the life-stuff that actually impacts our code. We’re talking empathy, EQ, mentorship, coding best practices, and more.

OK Human is hosted by our very own software guru and literal trailblazer, Patrick McVeety-Mill (a.k.a. Booger Bear). Patrick invites other developers and developer-adjacent folks to share big ideas and interesting opinions. Won’t you join us?

Latest Episodes

Episode 1 – Developer Empathy

In this inaugural episode, Patrick talks to Headspring Principal Consultant, Yogi Aradhye, about the importance of “developer empathy.” What does empathy have to do with coding, you ask? Probably a lot more than you think. And it’s not just about fluffy feelings and stuff—though emotions are certainly part of it, so don’t knock ’em till you hear this out.

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Patrick McVeety-Mill

Patrick McVeety-Mill


Patrick is an enthusiastic and driven software consultant, practiced in refactoring legacy projects and developing web and cloud solutions for a wide variety of business domains. As a dedicated learner, he is quick to adapt to new systems and internalize client missions; finding opportunities for innovation and sharing knowledge with his team. A long prior history in the service industry has provided him a work ethic and team communication skills often uncharacteristic in the engineering world.