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Monterrey team talks about culture, values, and benefits

When people who are passionate, smart, and eager to make an impact come together, they accomplish incredible feats. Especially when they have the tools to learn, the flexibility to work in the ways that work best, and ample opportunities to grow: That’s when the...


It’s not Agile, it’s you: Pt. 1, Agile challenges

In my time working with both product and consulting companies, I’ve discovered the only practice that’s consistent is that no practice is consistently implemented. Every company, department, and team has its own internal languages and shared histories; its own ways of...

Lola Mullen

Build + Buy: How custom development adds value to COTS

If you’re already working with off-the-shelf software or considering a COTS solution, there are opportunities to vastly increase the value of your purchase with simple, custom (and not necessarily costly) add-ons. In a previous data visualization post, we talked about...

Jay Otterbein

Principles to guide your UX modernization

“Enterprises are finally facing the reality that business users expect the same quality of experience as consumers.” – Jerry Chao, Content Strategist at UXPin The way we perceive and interact with technology is constantly changing. The bar for...

Juan Lasarte

Principles for microservices integration

Out of the many advantages of microservices, the most significant motivations are scale and autonomy for business units. These go hand in hand. However, we still need to create an integrated experience that makes sense for the end user. It’s important to keep both...

Yogi Aradhye

Change management for a truly agile culture

Becoming an agile organization is a major challenge, but an even bigger challenge is doing it right. Organizations can encounter myriad missteps during Agile Transformation, but one of the biggest is neglecting a change management strategy that addresses culture from...

Vasudha Prabhala