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Building messaging endpoints in Azure Functions

Our Chief Architect, Jimmy Bogard, is hosting a webinar on building messaging endpoints in Azure. It’s on Dec. 11 at 1:00pm CST if you want to join! He also wrote a whole series of articles on the subject—so we thought we’d share his latest on using Azure...

Jimmy Bogard

Creating success stories with distributed teams

It’s not unusual to hear that your friend is working on a project for a company abroad, or that your cousin has to leave a family dinner early to attend a meeting with someone in Asia. These are examples of how the “workplace” has changed, especially in the software...

Jorge Kendel

Preparing new tech leads to build strong development teams

On any software team, the Technical Lead (TL) has a crucial role to play: This person functions as a leader and coordinator of the developers, as well as a point of contact with the business or management. Obviously, the capability of your TL will greatly affect the...

Nolan Egly

Seekr finds the formula for true team engagement

Picture a team of software professionals seated in a classy Italian restaurant, ready to compete for bragging rights over assessing the nuances of fine wine. This was our Austin team’s idea of bonding—and Seekr turned this very particular vision into a reality.Seekr...


The top 3 takeaways from KCDC 2019

As first-time sponsors of the Kansas City Developers Conference, we were floored by the culture we encountered there. People flocked from all over, curious and enthusiastic about building better technology.Our team had the opportunity to talk to individuals across the...