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3 things that, together, make your IIoT solution powerful

If you engage in manufacturing, asset management, or logistics management, chances are high that you’ve already completed, are currently engaged in, or are getting ready to build an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform. Whether the core purpose of your IIoT...


Mapping your cloud migration

Cloud offerings continue to mature and improve, and can help address pains you may have in your own IT environment. Perhaps your IT budgets are getting squeezed and the monthly subscription model of the cloud is more appealing than another cash outlay for more...

Dean Goodman

Monterrey team talks about culture, values, and benefits

When people who are passionate, smart, and eager to make an impact come together, they accomplish incredible feats. Especially when they have the tools to learn, the flexibility to work in the ways that work best, and ample opportunities to grow: That’s when the...


It’s not Agile, it’s you: Pt. 1, Agile challenges

In my time working with both product and consulting companies, I’ve discovered the only practice that’s consistent is that no practice is consistently implemented. Every company, department, and team has its own internal languages and shared histories; its own ways of...

Lola Mullen