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Make your goals public (the right way)

Authored by Vishal Bardoloi I’ve heard this self-help mantra so many times, so many forms, that until recently I had accepted it as truth: If you want to achieve them, make your goals public. Until recently, when I saw this Ted Talk by Derek Sivers. The thesis:...

Thoughts on Short-Lived Branches

Corey Haines (@coreyhaines) wrote an interesting article on something he’s calling short-lived branches.  The short version is: Corey observed that we sometimes think of better ways to code something after we’ve started, but won’t start over (in economics this is...

Why scrum isn’t dead…and shouldn’t be

Authored by Shawn PetersonI have read numerous blog posts over the past year around the topic of why scrum is outdated, and no longer a valuable option for Agile teams.  I fully understand how scrum can go wrong – I also have been in the endless unproductive...