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Is Kafka or RabbitMQ the right messaging tool for you?

In a previous post on microservices integration patterns, we talked briefly about messaging. Messaging comes with many options and patterns, and one of the most critical decisions you’ll make is choosing between message brokers. RabbitMQ and Kafka are lead options,...

Yogi Aradhye

Are single page applications the new normal?

My grandmother sent me a friend request on Facebook recently. She couldn’t even connect to the internet five years ago. As social media and email become more mainstream, the more widespread the expectation for a higher level of functionality, speed, and aesthetic...

Adam Cowart

Your NServiceBus questions answered, w/ Jimmy Bogard

You came, you saw, and you asked some probing questions about microservices messaging—so we wanted to share some more insights. During last week’s NServiceBus webinar, our Chief Architect Jimmy Bogard talked about the challenges of moving to messaging, then walked us...


The boundaries of ubiquitous language

Building a Ubiquitous Language is one of the foundational precepts of Domain-Driven Design (DDD). DDD strives to bridge the gap between business complexity and software implementation by modeling a system on concepts, abstractions, and terms from the domain it is...


Public API strategies: What Bezos didn’t tell his team

In 2002, Jeff Bezos issued a mandate to all Amazon development teams that included the following statements: “All teams will henceforth expose their data and functionality through service interfaces.” “Teams must communicate with each other through these interfaces.”...

Adam Cowart