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The fundamentals of Xamarin development

You’ve spent months or years building a robust web application with dozens of features and an established user base. One day, the boss visits and gives you a simple, yet terrifying requirement: “We need a Xamarin app.” If you’ve only worked...

How to leverage a lightweight OpResult class

There are times in code when you need to return the results of an operation, but aren’t using a transport mechanism like HTTP that gives you a data structure with built-in statuses. In these situations, a lightweight OpResult class can be really helpful. The original...

Patterns for using Entity Framework in C# 8

C# 8 adds Nullable Reference Types, which warns us about problematic null values. If you’re upgrading to C# 8, you may run into a few challenges for Entity Framework. Although frustrating at first, the warnings can also be catalysts for finding more effective ways to...

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Webinar: A .NET Core migration success story

Headspring is partnering with education client, the Ed-Fi Alliance, to walk you through a real-world .NET Core migration whose success relied on very careful planning.

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