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Streamlining your automated tests, Pt. 2

In our last article, we looked at how the builder pattern increases the readability of our tests while simultaneously decoupling us from the construction details around the objects we’re testing. Sometimes this pattern by itself isn’t sufficient. Occasionally, we need...

Streamlining your automated tests, Pt 1

TL;DR Writing automated tests for your complex scenarios is important, but it’s easy for the tests to become difficult for other developers (including your 6-month future-self) to read and understand. Using a builder method for the “happy path” that returns an object...

Testing done right with Vertical Slice Architecture

When exploring best practices for automated testing and Test-Driven Development (TDD), we often refer to the Test Pyramid. This diagram describes the different kinds of tests, and the relative number of them we should aim for. The general idea is that different tests...

Organizing Razor Pages with Vertical Slice Architecture

As software developers, we are always on the lookout for the better way. It’s what we have been doing since the invention of the computer and software programming. The pioneers of software development laid a strong foundation and throughout the years we have improved...

XlsToEf: When to use it and when not to

Have you ever had an existing application using Entity Framework and then needed to import some data from spreadsheets? Maybe it was even IMPORTANT that the import go through your existing entities. For example, a customer may want to upload updated lookup tables or...

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