A new cloud application empowers a global manufacturer to fend off competition by offering customers tailored services


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The story

Our client has kept the world spinning smoothly for over a century. They are one of the largest ball bearing manufacturers in the world—also providing machine health assessments, as well as engineering and manufacturing services. However, the company was facing swift-rising competition from imitators who are mass manufacturing magnetic bearings.

Our client had a major differentiator that they could use to their advantage: service. They knew that by providing more tailored support to their customers, they could increase product reliability and brand loyalty.

Headspring connected with the company’s Canada division, which is focused on customer business analytics and support patterns. Our role was to help them develop an app for their hardware monitoring tool that would collect data on customers’ rotating equipment and deliver the kind of tailored support that would add major value and give them the edge on interlopers.


  • The client needed a way to collect real-time data from customers, and turn those into actionable business insights
  • An existing app stored data locally but did not have any shared collection method
  • They would need a new app to support their monitoring tool—and a robust backend scalable for future growth opportunities
  • Their team lacked cloud expertise and available experts to carry out development on schedule
  • The business had committed to an ambitious deadline of having the app completed by the end of the year


  • Started by building out the backend but quickly noticed we could add value on the front-end and launched a collaboration that helped us meet our roll-out goal
  • Built a lightweight .NET Core application hosted in AWS Cloud with a SPA front-end built in React for easy handoff to the client’s team
  • Integrated with their internal systems for code management, issue tracking, automation, and documentation
  • When the client decided to start combining authentication systems with the larger infrastructure, we proposed a simple interim solution that worked across geographies
  • Disseminated key documentation and diagrams across the organization to showcase the value that the Canada team was delivering


  • The new app was a hit with small-scale owners of rotating equipment, who appreciated easy pulse check requests and key insights from support staff
  • The success of the product sparked expansion plans in new territories across the globe
  • The collaboration we established among remote teams led to a successful customer migration path between the monitoring app and a second product for clients with larger equipment pools
  • This project paved the way for later integrations with other data-collection devices, allowing improved customer metrics and support capabilities
  • Our deployment methodology, detailed documentation, and agile framework gave the client a strong foundation for bringing core software products to market faster

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