Simplifying, accelerating, and modernizing SLTX’s system empowers users in the specialty insurance market.

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SLTX’s Story

Founded in 1987, the Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas (SLTX) provides innovative solutions to support the insurance and specialty marketplace. Their business was run on two different systems built in the 1990s, and they needed to evolve into a data-driven organization to provide meaningful insights on the Texas surplus lines market. Finding a partner who could build a single, modern application with robust automation, dashboards, and integrations was a must. With our combined experience in application modernization and building business analytics platforms, we were well-positioned to drive their success.

Headspring has acted as a transformation catalyst for our business. Their thought-leadership continues to uncover needs we did not know we had, and deliver on them. Their collaborative and flexible engagement style has been tremendous in helping transition to the modern age of software development and program management.
Tara Mitchell

VP of ITS/CIO, Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas


  • Company and industry data was scattered, siloed, and difficult to access
  • Needed to transform both their business and technical processes
  • The existing system was inefficient for processing and compliance
  • Slow response times to data requests impaired the user and customer experience


  • Combined business analysis, project management, and technical expertise to provide a holistic solution
  • Launched an iterative development process, incorporating ongoing feedback
  • Provided tailored training and created resources for a seamless transition to a more automated system
  • Combined custom data visualization with Power BI for an intuitive experience


  • After 32 years of mailing in paper checks, brokers can now make easy and quick payments online
  • Visualized custom reports give business leaders on-demand access to the data they need to make decisions
  • Response time for data requests has decreased from months to days
  • Industry data feeds and document management can be incorporated via seamless third-party integrations
  • An intuitive user interface and a robust, automated filing process led to a lot less work with spreadsheets

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