Assessing the target company’s system and business delivers insights to guide an investment firm’s decision and strategy


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Consulting Services – M&A Technical Due Diligence

The Story

Any M&A or investment opportunity is risky, which is why proper due diligence at the start is so critical. Our client, a private equity firm that invests in tech-oriented and growth-focused companies, was poised to take partner ownership in a promising venture. The SaaS company they were eyeing creates technology-led products for the Builders / Building Product Manufacturer market.

We had already established a fruitful partnership with our client (we are, after all, two companies in the business of growing other businesses). We had assessed over 10 prior investment opportunities for the firm, conducting in-depth technical and organizational due diligence to deliver deal-making-or-breaking insights. At the first spark of interest in this new venture, our due diligence experts were on the case: We stepped in to analyze the target company’s systems and business and offer advice to guide our client’s investment decision and strategy.

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  • The client needed expert insights into the target company’s technology, teams, and processes in order to make an informed investment decision​
  • Their target company’s core software presented particular challenges, being a legacy system with little room for updates or enhancements
  • Examining the technical risks inherent in such a system against opportunities to improve were critical inputs for decision-making
  • The end goal was to understand where to invest in the partnership and the roadmap for moving forward


  • Conducted a thorough assessment of the target company’s content management system, software development practices, and IT operations​
  • Performed a fit-gap analysis of the target company’s teams and skillsets
  • Performed a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis across all areas assessed
  • Benchmarked the existing infrastructure against best-of-breed technologies and industry standards


Our client now has the facts at their fingertips to make an informed investment decision and to create a strategic plan. Based on our findings, we delivered the following recommendations for moving forward with the investment:

  •  The target company can accelerate growth by migrating some of their core infrastructure (GoToMeeting, storage) to cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Onedrive and Microsoft 365
  • Obtaining a Silver Microsoft Partner Competency will neutralize internal software licensing expenses
  • Replacing custom interfaces with Salesforce community portals will drive better engagement
  • Hiring a technology leader capable of running product development (both internal and market-facing) while standardizing software practices across departments will streamline IT operations

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