With a new cloud-based system and modernized processes, IntelliGuard can scale their life-saving solutions

IntelliGuard’s Story

The absolute accurate tracking of medication is a major challenge in light of the growing opioid epidemic. IntelliGuard protects healthcare providers, patients, and the public by keeping the right meds in the right hands at all times.

This pioneering healthcare company develops RFID technology that can inventory 1,000 medications in mere seconds with 99.999% accuracy. With 24 patents, they’re a leader in RFID tracking for pharmacy inventory and have pioneered the first-ever solution for tracking medications inside of the operating room. But in order to maintain an edge in a critical and increasingly-crowded field, it became essential to modernize their products and processes.


  • The legacy pharmacy application was in need of a UX and architectural refresh
  • Lacked the standardized system and processes to deliver more value to all customers
  • The software was hosted on each client site, making it difficult to maintain and update
  • Migrating 70+ customer data sets to a new cloud solution could take months—or years
  • A first-ever operating room solution needed to be integrated with the existing application


  • Built an Angular web client portal to give customers a better user experience
  • Used modern backend web technologies hosted in AWS to enable the software to scale
  • Created a custom data-migration strategy to accelerate transition to the new system
  • Established unit tests, integration tests, and standardized development practices
  • Helped develop and integrate a new operating room solution on an entirely new platform


  • The new web app can be tailored to hospital requirements, regulations, and workflows
  • Hospital administrators can see and report on all staff/inventory activity, from anywhere
  • Customers can transition to the new system in just weeks while maintaining valuable data
  • Cloud-enhanced maintainability, customer onboarding, and speed-to-market will drive ongoing growth
  • The fully-integrated solution improves security by facilitating lifecycle drug tracking

Risk of lagging

Like most companies poised to grow, IntelliGuard faced the challenge of continuing to deliver value to individual customers while onboarding new ones efficiently. The flagship pharmacy application was hosted on site at each customer facility, making it harder to maintain individual customer attention as they grew. Planning for new system updates also became a challenge, as internal capacity was limited, and delivery would need to be streamlined to enable scale.

Room to expand

IntelliGuard’s RFID products have been implemented at all stages: from warehouse distribution to smart cabinets in hospitals. The technology’s potential is immense. They’re also providing a pioneering solution that enables hospitals to track anesthesia medications from the pharmacy all the way to the operating room and the point of administration—this would be the only RFID solution of its kind in the market. However, in order for the existing pharmacy software to integrate with the operating room solution, they needed to get connected in the cloud. A strategic development partner with the big picture in mind was mission-critical.

Roadblocks to growth

IntelliGuard came to us with the primary goal of moving from a desktop and local database application to a web and cloud-based database application. This meant they would have to migrate and standardize 100+ customer data sets from the legacy system to the new one, a process which would require significant time and attention. Through a close partnership with the company, we discovered opportunities to streamline processes in order to accelerate customer onboarding and speed future delivery.

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A robust, cloud-based app

Close and constant communication was the key to success: We essentially become part of the IntelliGuard team. After collaborating through the planning phase, we worked quickly to create an intuitive Angular web client portal that communicates with modern backend services hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). This scalable solution would allow teams to iterate faster and integrate the new operating room solution. We also helped drive that product to the finish line by building out an electronic narcotic waste-witness component that extends its use.

Tailored tools and processes

Throughout the engagement, we introduced the team to tools and processes that will drive ongoing success. We created a set of integration tests to iterate faster and used RoundHouse to facilitate continuous delivery of the new database. The automated testing framework we developed will enhance future delivery.

Our partnership with Headspring has driven the completion of projects that both generate revenue and expand the capabilities of our system. They’ve also introduced brand new efficiencies into our processes that will empower us to be more productive and efficient going forward.

Jeff Webber

Chief Technology Officer, IntelliGuard

While we did have to adapt our approach at the beginning to meet tight deadlines, our teams worked together over time to establish a much more sustainable development cycle. The new demo and staging environments we built also gave IntelliGuard a new platform to showcase their solutions to customers.

Custom data migration strategy

To assist with the data migration challenges, our Chief Architect came in and conducted a 2.5-week assessment of the process. After an in-depth review, we were able to architect a fast, customizable solution that is currently being built out in code, versus the built-in data transformation tools provided with the RDBMS system.

Beefed-up security

The success of this project resonates through its real-world impact. The fully integrated system now tracks medications from pharmacy intake through to the operating room dispensation, administration, and disposal, improving security and patient safety. Hospital administrators can access the system anywhere through the new web portal, enabling them to monitor and report on all activity immediately. The solution is not just ground-breaking, it’s life-changing: It helps to stave off the rampant diversion (theft) behind the major drug crises and protects doctors from potentially career-killing accusations.

Faster delivery

We didn’t just upgrade an app, we optimized the teams’ development practices so they can deliver more value, more often. The new unit tests and integration tests we created will enable IntelliGuard to more easily maintain and scale their system. Additionally, we introduced release and feature branch strategies and moved to a Pull Request process for merging code into those branches, keeping all code contributors aligned on development methodologies and patterns. Teams can now deliver on customer requests more quickly, reducing time to delivery significantly.

Expanded possibility

This new cloud-based application system not only serves and protects customers, it opens up doors for unparalleled growth. The data migration solution allows customers to quickly transition while maintaining their existing data—a massive value add. New customers can be onboarded to the new system in no time, with minimal setup required. Opportunities exist even beyond the doors of medical facilities: The new solution has the potential to propel IntelliGuard into any realm where inventory visibility and control are critical.

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