Launching the DeltaV mobile platform empowers Emerson’s customers by putting mission critical data at their fingertips

Application Development
St. Louis, MO


  • Growing demand for mobility solutions created pressure to innovate and better serve customers
  • Competitors aggressively filling gaps and gaining momentum in the energy industry mobile market
  • Recognized the urgent business need to shift away from waterfall development methodologies


  • Released both iOS and Android on Xamarin platform
  • Disrupted the mobile space in the energy industry with the most robust solution in market
  • Empowered customers with critical data to make decisions affecting their bottom-line
  • Adapted agile development methodologies to move to market with speed

We originally selected Headspring based on their knowledge on Mobile Apps and were extremely pleased to learn that they could bring a lot more to the table, including Agile Development Experience, Project Management and Design. Their flexible and pro-customer style proved to be invaluable to help us deal with changing market demands.

Claudio Fayad

VP Technology, DeltaV & DeltaV SIS Platform

Company Profile

Emerson Process Management is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processing, and distribution facilities. Companies partner with Emerson to solve their toughest operational challenges and bring predictable success. Systems and tools measure, control, automate, and optimize operations with the decision integrity to run facilities at full potential. The flagship application, DeltaV, monitors the values and health of facility hardware.


Increase share of wallet

With Industrial IoT gaining traction to empower the energy & utilities sector, Emerson needed to meet their current customer’s needs with a complete end to end solution. Without an internal mobile application offering, outside vendors were able to enter the market and gain customer traction by building onto the Emerson DeltaV web application. Evolving customer expectations and a highly competitive marketplace put growing pressure on Emerson to take action and search for a partner who could bring their mobility vision to life.

Adapt to a mobile-first world

To make this vision reality, Emerson required iOS and Android mobile applications that integrated with the distributed control system. This would remove the confines of the physical control room and empower the digital workforce with access to real-time insights and mission-critical data 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Adopt a new approach to software development

Emerson needed to move away from the waterfall model to agile methodologies. The stakes were high and Emerson believed that adopting an iterative approach to software development was the path to effectively competing in their market. It was a commitment to both a business and cultural shift.

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Why Headspring

Area of expertise

Headspring had deep expertise in web and mobile application development, combined with the technical acumen to recommend Xamarin and build the optimal architectural design for the project.

Thought leadership

Emerson looked to Headspring to introduce new technologies and methodologies, such as agile, in order to drive organizational success. This, along with providing the best practices and training for a complete knowledge transfer, would ultimately empower Emerson’s development processes and capabilities.

Business alignment

With a proven track record partnering with similar Fortune 500 clients, Headspring was uniquely positioned to create a comprehensive blueprint with a clear plan of action to build, integrate, and launch the application. More than just a development partner, Headspring was also a strategic partner that could take a new product to market and accelerate customer adoption.


Move to market with speed

Reactive UI and Xamarin Forms were used to build a scalable and maintainable platform, ensuring long term success. With Headspring’s knowledge of building applications in the mobile space, Xamarin Forms was the key architectural component that enabled Emerson to move to market with speed and build out both iOS and Android platforms. The build deployment process was automated, creating an advantage for testing and easy app store deployment. Jenkins was used for continuous integration in the mobile application and Hockey App pushed the build deployments onto the test devices. This made every check-in available for testing and demoing within a matter of minutes.

Deliver value to end users

Architecture was designed to be responsive to each customer’s unique setup needs including firewall settings, data storage, and sharing configurations. The solution contained versioning and API format strategies to allow for decoupling between the mobile application and the API. Telerik Charts was utilized to visually represent customer operational data on the mobile application, giving customers powerful tools to sort, filter, and group data in real-time.

Embrace agile methodologies

Headspring provided the deployment expertise and project leadership needed to successfully embrace change and transition from waterfall to agile. The deadlines were tight, so it was imperative to iterate quickly and frequently to ensure the beta was ready in time for the Emerson Global Users Exchange conference, and robust enough to support all DeltaV customers.

A collaborative partnership in action

Teams had consistent stakeholder engagement and progress standups to build trust and ensure they moved together cohesively. Emerson developed the backend services and API’s required to deliver the process data from the DeltaV system to the new mobile application. Headspring developed the mobile application and was flexible to expand the team and take ownership of the web application and API development.

Drive early business value with MVP

Headspring’s stakeholder engagement process paved the way for a minimum viable product to get in front of early adopters. Features with the highest business impact were prioritized by mapping primary use cases to business value. As a result, customers had the exact data they needed at their fingertips for mission critical decision making.

Technology and integration spotlight


Successful launch

The beta mobile application was delivered to the Apple app store on time, meeting a tight deadline to be ready for the Emerson Global Users Exchange conference. Initial traction and early buy in from the beta launch paved the way for a successful final product launch. Customers were able to be hands on and give feedback to shape the final product into the solution they desired, allowing Emerson to deliver to the voice of their customer.

A game-changing solution

DeltaV Mobile opened a new door for Emerson to compete in the mobile market, providing the only complete end to end solution with robust data. The application was available to customers in both iOS and Android, and seamlessly integrated with the distributed control system.

Empowered operational excellence

Control room and remote location customers can now better capture, share and execute on operational data in real-time. When an alarm goes off or when production halts it’s imperative the right data is easily accessible to the right end users. Customers are better equipped to make critical business decisions, ultimately having a positive impact on their bottom line.

Transitioned from waterfall to agile

Emerson transformed their processes and embraced agile development which better aligned with their needs and expectations to better serve customers. They introduced new methodologies into the workflow which sped up the development process and ensured quality remained top of mind. Project success was driven by key agile practices such as continuous integration, sprint planning, automation processes and tools, and clear lines of communication.

“By integrating seamlessly and securely with the DeltaV distributed control system, DeltaV Mobile delivers critical contextual data that is often left behind by other solutions.”

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