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cloud-based api strategy

A cloud-based API strategy to streamline data access

Creating APIs to retrieve data from a Snowflake database enhances performance and opens up new possibilities


Accelerating predictive analysis in the cloud

Replatforming a data-modeling application in AWS gives energy traders and analysts quicker access to deal-making insights

M&A technical due diligence

Conducting the technical due diligence to drive a solid deal

Assessing the target company’s system and business delivers insights to guide an investment firm’s decision and strategy

FSLSO Case Study

Mapping FSLSO’s path to continued innovation

A customized microservices migration plan keeps FSLSO on the cutting edge of the insurance space

Spindlemedia Case Study

Scaling Spindlemedia’s tax office software and business

A modernized web-based application and updated processes yield scalability and time-savings, for both Spindlemedia and their customers.

UX Modernization

A fresh user experience for a legacy financial company

Collaborating with stakeholders to design a new user interface enhances team efficiency and supports scale

Breaking away from a monolith and into the future

A modern, service-oriented architecture empowers a financial institution to build upon their long legacy.

ETL application moderinzation

Raising the bar on data-processing for employers

Upgrading a business-critical ETL application for a testing services company improves the quality and speed of results-sharing

SLTX Case Study

Turning SLTX into a modern, data-driven organization

Simplifying, accelerating, and modernizing systems and processes empowers users in the specialty insurance market.

Building autonomous microservices scales manufacturing solutions

Uncovering lurking design issues and resolving complex dependencies to build a microservices platform that adapts to the needs of diverse manufacturing clients.

Making eMoney more agile with microservices

Creating a microservices architecture accelerates eMoney’s time-to-market and creates a system that will scale with new users.

Moving Ortho Kinematics to a modern and scalable architecture

Getting to market with rapid FDA 510K approval and enhancing the Vertebral Motion Analysis system with computer vision expands Ortho Kinematics’ ability to treat more patients and improve outcomes.

Modernizing IntelliGuard’s RFID tracking system makes medication management more secure

With a new cloud-based system and modernized processes, IntelliGuard can scale their life-saving solutions.

Making Emerson a competitor in a mobile-first world

Launching the DeltaV mobile platform empowers Emerson’s customers by putting mission-critical data at their fingertips.

Haemonetics patient software modernization

Reinvigorating Haemonetics’ aging software

Modernizing the core system improves the end-to-end blood management process. 

Modern applications give David Weekley Homes the tools to build more dream houses

Developing independent, user-centric, and mobile-friendly applications results in all new efficiencies for the nation’s leading homebuilder.

Driving Crate & Barrel’s internal transformation

Moving Crate & Barrel to a single code base and transforming development practices boosts productivity and enables the company to meet growing business demands.

Modernizing and scaling USA Compression’s core application and processes

“We were quickly outgrowing the software that we were using for one of our core business applications.” – Brian Nettles, VP Information Technology.

Developing customer loyalty in the retail space

Optimizing the technology behind one of the top customer loyalty programs scales customer engagement.

Refactoring Global Resale’s business critical inventory application

Moving Global Resale to the cloud and refactoring their application expands capacity, increases velocity, and enables game-changing automation.

Ratcheting up McCoy’s e-commerce functionality and enhancing the mobile UX

“We want to apply technology to make it easier to do business with McCoy’s.”  – Dennis Strong, CIO

Modernizing YETI’s system scales its custom business

An MVP approach to modernization results in a robust manufacturing system that enables YETI to meet and exceed rising demand for custom cupware.

Migrating systems during an M&A doubles business capacity

A swift, successful data migration empowers this national equipment provider to exponentially expand their fleet

Modernizing USBC’s portfolio to bowl over its growing member base

Custom development to modernize an outmoded system enables the United States Bowling Congress to better support members and drive the longstanding sport into the future.

Moving Ed-Fi’s enterprise ODS to the cloud

Bringing Cloud ODS to life and transforming data into actionable insights enhances Ed-Fi’s power to improve outcomes in K-12 education.