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Delight customers

Connect with today’s empowered customers by creating a user-centric strategy to elevate their experiences across all touchpoints and generate loyalty. The competition keeps getting more creative—it’s time to think outside of the box and beyond off-the-shelf. We’ll work with you to build retail custom software solutions that fit your particular business, and even more particular consumers.

Must-haves for modern retail

Optimize retail operations

Rising costs, roiling economic tensions, and external supply chain challenges threaten retail businesses of all sizes. With profitability being compressed across the value chain, retailers must look to IT to streamline operations and automate manual processes—turning uncertainty into ingenuity.

Captivate your digital-customers

Legacy systems don’t afford the speed and agility you’ll need to keep up with today’s empowered customers. And if you can’t, your competitors will. Modernizing your systems and processes will ensure that you’re omni-present, prescient, and agile enough to adapt to customer buying habits and needs.

Build a retail ecosystem

Retailers are embracing new digital capabilities and integrating with suppliers, shippers, etc. But piecing together a patchwork of disparate applications can create challenges. Proper retail system integration across all of your touchpoints will deliver the seamless, omnichannel experiences that your customers crave.

Integrate customer data

With droves of customer data at your fingertips, you need real-time visibility and deeper insights to help you understand and predict their behavior. When you improve retail reporting, you will drive better business decisions, power more personal experiences, cut costs, and grow your business.

Make data security a priority

Security is not a compromise: A breach can bring you down. It’s critical to know exactly where your data lives and apply cybersecurity principles that keep your systems safe and compliant. Investing in security across point-of-sale, data management, and networks protects your customers AND your business.

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We Enable Business Transformation

We provide strategic guidance to CIOs and line-of-business leaders to ensure they have the appropriate consumer goods & services enterprise software portfolio to meet their business objectives. This includes strategies for modernizing legacy applications, integrating applications from M&A, integrating digital touch points, and enabling shopper insights and analytics.

Below are some examples of recent Headspring projects:

  • Website/Fulfillment Integration: We designed an architecture to streamline the integration of a global eCommerce site and 14 back-end warehouse and fulfillment systems. The result was better intra-site search and 1000% faster page load times for an improved shopper experience.
  • Loyalty Programs: For a grocer, we developed a customer loyalty system to better track spending patterns, and integrate transactions with point of sale systems, data warehouse and the online store. This enabled more targeted marketing to over 16 million loyalty program members with capacity to process more than one million transactions per day. Using this system, the grocer drove $24 million of sales for a single product line, improved ability to forecast future spends, target customers, accelerate spends on specific inventories and increase revenue on historically slow days.
  • Mobile Online Store: We created a responsive mobile eCommerce site for a building materials retailer that targeted commercial contractors. The site enabled expedited ordering and delivery of materials to building sites to shave the time it took contractors to receive raw materials for critical construction schedules.

Stories from the field

Improving retail through technology is a passion of ours: Hear the stories of impact and dig into some of the technical thinking that drives our shared successes.

Driving internal transformation for Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel moves to a single code base and transforms development practices, increasing productivity to meet demanding business needs.

Refactoring Global Resale’s business critical inventory application

Global Resale moves to the cloud and refactors their application to expand capacity, unlocking velocity and automation.

Public API strategies: What Bezos didn’t tell his team

Learn how to build a public API people want to use by considering consistency, documentation, and sandboxing.