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Custom software development for manufacturing companies

The manufacturing world is facing a moment of great challenge and immense opportunity: Globalization is expanding the competitive playing field and creating complexity across disparate systems. Meanwhile, the manufacturing workforce is aging out and there’s no flood of new workers to replace them.

Our software solutions for the manufacturing industry are designed to fill these gaps. We’ll work with you to take advantage of new technologies and leverage 5G to increase efficiencies, enhance profits, and enhance your ability to adapt. We offer:

  • Tailored manufacturing business software solutions, designed with your needs in mind
  • Automation of manufacturing processes and plant-floor technologies
  • Business intelligence and predictive analytics for inventory management, machine maintenance, and business strategy
  • Digital strategy and software development to modernize manufacturing systems

The time to secure your future is now. Let us guide you on your digital transformation journey.

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Turn challenges into opportunities

We understand your priorities and create custom software for manufacturing companies that gets you to your goals fast

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Accelerate digital transformation

Manufacturing tends to lag behind other industries in terms of digitization, but we can help you get ahead of the curve. Embracing digital innovation, leveraging things like AI and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), will keep you competitive and flexible in a post-COVID era.
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Increase agility and scalability

The “Amazon effect” coupled with all new COVID-curveballs has elevated the need for manufacturing companies to adapt more quickly. We’ll offer you the flexibility you need to reach your growth goals by modernizing your manufacturing systems and processes.
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Enhance connectivity and insights

Whether you have factories all over the world, or plan to grow through acquisition, beware: disparate systems and data sources can bog you down. We’ll help you streamline your technology and take advantage of 5G and AI technologies to collect and interpret data in real time.

Our manufacturing software solutions

We more than build software for manufacturing companies, we design solutions that will keep your wheels churning well into the future.

Smart Manufacturing/IIoT Solutions

Adapt quicker, move faster, and empower a more flexible workforce. Smart manufacturing solutions create an integrated ecosystem that takes advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to accelerate your digital capabilities and future-proof your entire operation.

AI Transformation

Reduce planned and unplanned outages by up to 50% by putting predictive analytics to work. AI/machine learning technologies can help manufacturers make better, faster decisions about everything from machine maintenance to supply chain optimization and more.

Manufacturing process automation

74% percent of Industrial Manufacturing leaders are looking to operational efficiencies to drive revenue. Protect your profits in time of volatile supply and demand by automating and improving internal processes and increasing manufacturing efficiencies.

Shared services and data

5G is creating huge opportunities for manufacturing companies to accelerate insights and predictability. Drive faster and more strategic decisions by sharing services and data across regions, tapping into IIoT, edge computing, and cloud technologies.
Manufacturing Software Solutions

Manufacturing businesses we help

We know your business is unique, and we’ve honed our expertise in numerous areas of the industry, from consumer goods manufacturing to medical manufacturing, chemical manufacturers, equipment manufacturing, and much more.

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Medical manufacturers

Developing safe, effective, and compliant products is your top priority—and ours. We engineer medical device integration solutions that deliver greater value to your end-users by enabling them to take droves of data and turn it into informed, real-time clinical decisions. And you can trust us to clear all compliance hurdles along the way: we’ve guided many medical manufacturing partners swiftly through the FDA 510k approval process.
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Consumer goods manufacturers

With consumer market demands changing constantly , you need to be able to pivot and scale much faster—and legacy systems will cause you to lag. We modernize manufacturing systems to enhance your efficiency and output, and embed agility into your organization along the way. We’ll help you leverage IIoT, cloud computing, and predictive AI to enable connectivity and power better, faster business decisions.
Durable Goods

Durable goods manufacturers

Increasing efficiency, protecting profits, and limiting downtime are your top concerns, especially in a volatile climate. We create robust, automated manufacturing systems and processes that vastly improve workflows and give you the leg up you need to grow in a global market. Add to that intelligent tools that enable predictive maintenance, and you can rest assured that all systems are working for you, constantly.

Why choose us as manufacturing software consultants?

Beyond solving your most pressing problems, we’re able to set you up for long-term success. Here are just a few reasons why you can trust your manufacturing software project in our hands:

Our proven experience:

  • Built health-monitoring applications for enterprise manufacturing clients
  • Moved medical manufacturing software through the 510K process
  • Set up shared services and data for a durable goods manufacturer with factories across the global
  • Proven expertise at getting diverse systems to talk to one another

Our distinct approach:

  • Our unique development approach involves tackling complex problems by breaking them down step-by-step
  • We’re focused on big-picture transformation: That means people, processes, and technology
  • We “train the trainer”: Meaning we’ll both set the strategy and deliver on-time results all while working with your team to embed the knowledge they’ll need to carry you forward.

Stories from the field

Helping manufacturing companies make an impact through technology is a passion of ours: Hear the stories of impact and dig into some of the technical thinking that drives our shared successes.

Austin software modernization YETI

Modernizing YETI’s system scales their custom business

YETI is a consumer goods manufacturer who was looking to scale their custom business. We partnered with them to modernize their factory floor system, build a robust .NET Core web app for schedule, and embed agile practices.

Manufacturing Microservices

Building autonomous microservices scales manufacturing solutions

Our client was a global maker of manufacturing solutions, focused on volume manufacturing and needing an MES upgrade. We came in to review their microservices and deliver a design that greatly improved order processing.

3 aspects of an IIoT Solution

3 things that make IIoT solutions powerful

IIoT is going to be a driving factor in the “4th industrial revolution.” Learn how to generate the most value from the data your IIoT solution provides by optimizing each part of the process: ingestion, analysis, and visualization.