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Custom insurance software designed to protect your most precious assets and drive your business forward

Custom insurance software solutions tailored to your market

The insurance industry is undergoing a major technological revolution. Highly profitable insurance companies who have not felt the pressure to modernize for years are feeling the pinch as consumer and industry expectations for technology and service are crossing a critical threshold.

We help our partners in the insurance industry surpass user expectations, leverage their warehoused data, and streamline the business process by:

  • Developing custom insurance software solutions tailored to your unique needs
  • Accelerating your ability to process claims and serve clients
  • Empowering your teams and customers with modern and intuitive technologies
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We’ve worked, and continue to work, with numerous partners operating in the greater insurance industry. We believe in a collaborative and goal-driven approach to solving IT challenges for our partners. This results in cutting-edge, best-fit insurance solutions that enable you to meet the challenges of today while embedding the agility you need to meet future demands.

How insurance software solutions protect your future

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Scale with

Growth is good. However, legacy mainframe systems with decades of investment behind them may no longer scale or change with business needs. Freeing yourself from technical debt tied up in tightly coupled databases, horizontal layers with complex dependencies, and synchronous processes can unlock significant possibility. Insurers should embrace the scalability and flexibility of the cloud—in a strategic way that doesn’t lose the value of existing systems, but magnifies it.

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Embrace a remote workforce

Work-from-home or remote teams have become a new normal, leading to a shrinking pool of onsite workers. Embracing a digital workforce comes with potential benefits, such as larger and more diverse talent pools, lower overheads, and more accommodating working environments. There are opportunities to forge partnerships to augment your on-site teams and/or upskill your employees and upgrade your IT ecosystem with remote-work-friendly technologies and practices.

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Build an integrated ecosystem

While your company’s portfolio of products grows, so do user expectations for a seamless experience. Insurance providers need desegregated insurance software solutions that span siloed information systems and different consumer-facing portals. Invest in cross-platform integration to enhance internal coordination while delivering better user experiences. You’ll empower teams and customers by accelerating the pace and accuracy of doing business.

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Adopt customer-centric technologies

Constantly evolving technologies—and the consumer expectations that go with it—are forcing insurers to shift from product-focused to customer-centric organizations. Offering better user experiences across channels with accessible and intuitive web and mobile apps is the way of the future. The top software solutions for insurance successfully shift data analytics and intelligence around the customer and simplify underwriting and other day-to-day activities via automation.

Ready to evolve your insurance software and deliver better experiences?

What insurance software solutions we deliver

Data architecture and analytics

Data is power, and making accurate and timely data-driven decisions on the fly is the new superpower. So let us empower your boots-on-the-ground reps or sales teams as well as executive level decision makers with relevant, up-to-date, and insightful views into your most precious asset. We have experience in aggregating information from disparate data sources and modernizing legacy storage systems to surface data with modern applications and technologies.

Custom third-party and cross-platform integrations

Empower your customers faster with new features and services by tapping into the new digital ecosystem. We can make IoT work with you, not against you, by advising and managing custom integrations. Cut costs, streamline daily tasks for internal teams or external users, and avoid reinventing the wheel. We take advantage of the most cutting-edge technologies of the day to build frictionless interconnectivity within your internal and external networks.

Automation and digitization

We develop customer-centric applications that promote easy discovery and seamless user journeys. We’ll also help eliminate the overhead and limitations inherent in paper-based systems or outdated spreadsheets. You can reduce response times, limit the impact of human error, and streamline operations and sales pipelines by leveraging automated filing processes and insurance claims management software with built-in governance and compliance.

Legacy system modernization

Whether it’s turning buy-vs-build strategies into service-by-service decisions, acquiring right-size COTS solutions, or building custom insurance software solutions—we have you covered. We deliver best-fit, modern IT solutions for critical business components that integrate with existing systems to minimize risk and maximize business value. By introducing a DevOps culture and an agile mindset, we also empower your teams to carry on a legacy of continuous innovation while speeding up project execution and expanding your delivery capabilities.

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Insurance software development success stories

 insurance software solutions develop microservices architecture and delivery roadmap

Mapping FSLSO’s path to continued innovation

We helped FSLSO, a surplus lines insurance organization, develop a full microservices architecture and delivery roadmap for a new admin app. The result? A faster, more scalable system that delivers better user experiences.

insurance software solutions data-driven organization

Turning SLTX into a modern, data-driven organization

Specialty insurance provider, SLTX, needed to combine two outdated systems into a single, modern application. We built insurance software solutions with an intuitive interface, combined data reporting, and automated filing to accelerate their modernization.

insurance software solutions Transforming field operations

A fresh user experience for a legacy financial company

A legacy financial company specializing in life insurance needed a unified desktop application for processing beneficiary changes. Our expert UX solution led to a significant reduction in both time-on-task and onboarding training needed.

Insurance software solutions for your industry

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Just like consumers, businesses are expecting more from their insurance providers. They want partnerships with services tailored to their unique circumstances and challenges. We’ll help you foster stronger B2B relationships with custom insurance software solutions that deliver high-quality, reliable, transparent and insightful interactions.

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Commercial insurance claims and the time they take to process directly affect the bottom-line of your customers. Each case needs to be handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible while making case-by-case considerations. We help partners leverage the power of process automation with deep insights to accelerate the process while maintaining transparency and oversight.

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Life is precious—you customers deserve the best when it comes to insuring it. The bar is constantly being raised when it comes to the technologies and services people use. We create insurance industry software solutions that don’t just meet but exceed expectations with intuitive and seamless experiences including automation, seamless integration, and platform-specific experiences.

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Property and
Casualty Insurance

Protecting customers’ most precious assets is a huge responsibility and challenge. How do you stay ahead of the competition while driving better customer engagements, cutting costs, and improving decision-making via business intelligence? We can help you overhaul outdated systems and streamline operations with the power of the cloud, automation, and even AI.

Client Spotlight

We believe there’s a better way to build and deliver software, and we find it by working to understand our partners’ teams, goals, and vision. It’s this collaborative approach that leads to software solutions that deliver maximum value for your business.

Why trust us to deliver business-enhancing insurance software solutions?

As a boutique and quality-focused software consultancy, we’ve forged close partnerships with customers from all ends of the insurance industry. We understand your challenges, and how technology can help you meet them now and in the future. We’ll help you:

  • Eliminate your reliance on paper-based, manual processes with automated filing solutions.
  • Streamline your processes by modernizing legacy systems and implementing frictionless cross-platform integrations.
  • Empower your employees and agents with intuitive workspaces that facilitate collaboration and deliver actionable client insights.
  • Adopt scalable and flexible technologies and DevOps practices for sustained innovation and adaptability.

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