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Expand the reach of your programs to power social good and fulfill your mission. Propel business agility for safe, smart, and connected communities across Federal, State, and Local entities.

Agency heads and technology leaders are looking for ways to transform their agency or department and address a range of operational challenges including the following:

  • Developing a mobility strategy (stakeholder engagement, B2E enablement)
  • Addressing the BYOD trend
  • Improving interoperability between ERP, workflow and reporting systems for greater visibility
  • Leveraging cloud technologies for greater flexibility and cost savings while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Modernizing legacy systems for greater agility

We can help you navigate these and other software challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

Ed-Fi moves the enterprise ODS to the cloud

Ed-Fi, funded by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, brings Cloud ODS to life and transforms data into insight and action, enhancing the educational journey to improve outcomes for K-12 education

How nonprofits and technology companies can partner for a better world

Read about the tech gaps that exist in the nonprofit sector and discover the actionable ways that technology firms can partner with nonprofits to help them maximize their impact and effect real change.

We Enable Organizational Transformation

We provide strategic guidance to agency leaders and their IT staffs to ensure they have the appropriate government & nonprofit software portfolio to meet their agency or departmental objectives. This even includes strategies for modernizing legacy applications, developing new applications, integrating digital touch points to back office systems, and enabling stakeholder insights and analytics. We also design and develop those government software applications across a variety of categories: enterprise, cloud, mobile and analytics/BI. Below are examples of recent Headspring projects:

  • State of Texas: We built the Juvenile Case Management System that serves every county in the state. The system was delivered in .Net using Agile methodologies and required both new application development and conversion of four separate component applications: two mainframe applications, one Windows desktop application, and one in
  • State of Texas/Prosecutor System: We built a web-based application that facilitates the business activities of the County Attorney and District Attorney offices across Texas. The new system allowed those in custody to be processed more efficiently, reducing jail holding time from 30 days to 11 days for 7,000 annual cases at a cost of $65/day/case.
  • Michael and Susan Dell Foundation: We designed and implemented a student data interchange platform to standardized information formats while integrating with third-party education software providers to validate compliance with the Ed-Fi standards.
  • Michael and Susan Dell Foundation: We developed a monitoring and tracking for scholarship awards. This enables the team to ensure that the program meets its twin goals of providing funding to scholars and helping scholars actually graduate from college. The system identifies trends in behaviors or risk factors to help scholarship program leaders know when and how to intervene with recipients to help them get back on track.

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