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Accelerate Value

Stay ahead of emerging competitors and disruptors by embracing digital transformation that prioritizes data security, privacy, and regulations. We provide strategic guidance to help you navigate a range of operational challenges and ensure you have the appropriate financial enterprise software portfolio to meet your business objectives.

What you need, now

Ramp up data security

Your customers’ security must come first, especially when modernizing in the cloud. Building in secure authentication and privacy controls will mitigate fraud and data breach. And with security standards rising, organizations must get prepared to proactively tackle compliance challenges and risks.

Streamline your operations

The landscape has changed—yet old processes remain. In order to build a nimbler system, your teams need to be empowered teams to get more done on their own. That means weeding out redundant processes, nurturing new workflows, and introducing business rule automation to keep everyone aligned towards a goal.

Integrate digital solutions

Adding digital capabilities can pave a path to new synergies, but do you go with a vendor add-on or build your own? Legacy systems fraught with technical debt make integration more complex. To get the functionality you need, new software should be built around your business model, in a stack that makes sense for you.

Transform their experience

Customers want real time, but your legacy system is on its own time. So how do you create a responsive, seamless, and omni-channel experience that engages users beyond the transaction? Today, humanizing digital banking to make your customers feel heard is the key to acquisition, retention, and growth.

Deliver value quicker

Competing with “born-digital” companies means not just moving faster, but doing more. Complex systems, aging software, and disjointed technologies will block innovation. In order to deliver new features at the pace your customers require, you’ll need to adopt a DevOps process that builds up speed and agility.

What we deliver, fast

Microservices activation

Microservices in banking is a growing trend—but what you need are right-sized services designed for your business and users. Interrupting your critical operations is not an option: We break down your monolith by carefully peeling apart layers of code, unraveling complex dependencies, and then developing services one-by-one so that you realize value quickly and incrementally.

Process automation

Security and efficiency go hand in hand: By eliminating duplicate work and implementing intelligent automation, we can help you gain 100% confidence in your data validation activities. Connecting front, middle, and back office operations will eliminate potential gaps in your processes. Streamlining operations will cut your costs while earning you control, quality, and scale.

Third-party integrations

The age of open banking is here. Our custom third-party integration strategies get you tapped into the new digital ecosystem and safely sharing data that benefits everyone along the value chain. Whether by leveraging internal capabilities or incorporating outside platforms, apps, and products, you’ll be equipped to deliver greater value while expanding your reach and revenue.

Data modernization

Let’s break down data silos so that you can access, analyze, and act on the vast amount of data you have at your fingertips. We’ll help you free disparate data siloed on back office systems and disseminate it across the organization. We build custom solutions that make sure the right people get the right data, building in integrated analytics that tell the right story every time.

Digital transformation

Transformation starts from within: We’ll help you to modernize your core operations so you can deliver new value-adds faster. We guide you through a modernization process focused on your mainframe architecture and adopt a DevOps delivery pipeline that aligns IT operations with the demands of the project. We’ll help you pick the right platforms, languages, and tools and integrate agile practices. Change that sticks is holistic, and our approach is one that radiates across your people, processes, and technology.

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