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The energy and utility industry is facing forces of change: From the pull of macro technologies such as the cloud, AI, and blockchain, to the push for revolutionary renewable energy technologies, emission reduction, and sustainable practices to address pressing climate concerns.

Organizations in this sphere need to invigorate their architecture and find ways to evolve while maintaining complex, core systems. Finding, investing in, and promoting energy software solutions that realize your architecture’s strategic value can be a differentiator in the digital economy. As software consultants and partners, we can empower your IT organization to:

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  • Deliver innovative Energy IT solutions that provide business excellence while helping you meet the challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and digital automation to remove business inefficiencies, leverage talent where it matters, and make better decisions, faster
  • Modernize legacy systems, adopt new technologies, and realize sustainable innovation while facing minimal risk and disruptions
  • Take advantage of IIoT technologies for organization-wide visibility, communication, monitoring, and interconnectivity
  • Transform your systems in the cloud and unlock unprecedented operational scalability and flexibility to future-proof your business

Harness the power of technology to

Integrate renewable energy

renewable energy

You need optimization tools to balance the power grid in the face of supply and demand uncertainty and extra pressure. We can build a software solution that optimizes your existing processes and provides you with the timely data that you need to balance these forces.

Optimize customer interactions

customer interactions

You can help your customers avoid churn with software that better addresses their needs and expectations. Our customer-centric solutions provide fluid interactions and personalized experiences. Modern energy consumption analysis software also gives customers the detailed data and rate information they need to combat uncertainty.

Overcome regulatory hurdles

regulatory hurdles

Regulatory obstacles can curb innovation and adoption, whether you’re entering into an M&A or integrating renewable energy into your existing network. We’re well-versed in the process of navigating these hurdles, and will go one step further by building regulatory considerations into your solutions and providing the training and education needed to stay compliant.

manage carbon emissions

carbon emissions

Emissions cost us in more ways than one. However, accurately tracking and collecting related data to optimize emissions is a significant challenge, especially with outdated technology and models. We’ll partner with you to modernize your tracking systems and facilitate decision-making while meeting regulatory benchmarks and stakeholder expectations.

Ready to scale your impact?

What we deliver

Disaster recovery for utility companies

Predictive IoT technologies can accelerate maintenance—paired with innovative technology solutions, these can help you avoid and manage inevitable crises. Think drones to identify faulty equipment, computer vision to classify results, and machine learning to conduct analyses. Our agile IT solutions help energy companies respond proactively to major events.

Omnichannel communication platforms

From decision makers to field workers, from business partners to end-consumers—smooth communication is vital. We build customized interfaces and integrations that facilitate meaningful communication inside and outside your organization. One of our specialties is building intuitive accessible mobile apps that interface with complex systems while empowering users.

Modern digital infrastructures

Leverage new energy software solutions to aggregate and manage data from new energy sources connected to grids. Integrating renewable energy into existing power grids requires sophisticated optimization tools with effortless interfaces to balance strained networks.
We’ll help you stay on top of your resources
with advanced energy consumption analysis software.

Carbon capture and storage technologies

Clear regulatory obstacles, exceed your expectations, and maintain customer trust by reducing net carbon emissions. We’ll help you leverage advanced data processing, visualization, and analytics to make optimization decisions with confidence. We can implement active reduction measures and empower employees through adopting cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

software Energy solutions

Who we’ve helped

renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Policy, transmission, variable resources, and cost-related obstacles pose significant challenges. We have experience overcoming these barriers by delivering industry-disrupting digital technologies in the energy sector that make every cent count, while maintaining regulatory compliance. We help our energy partners punch above their weight with the solutions that are built to scale.

Oil and Natural Gas

Oil and Natural Gas

As one of the most sensitive energy sectors in terms of price fluctuations and safety concerns, careful risk management across the enterprise is key. We have been trusted oil and gas technology consultants for our partners, helping them to adopt monitoring and management tools that insulate their businesses against these industry-specific risk factors.

Electricity and Utilities

Electricity and Utilities

Need to improve energy monitoring for utility billing purposes? We’ll help you track consumption and reduce waste through our energy and utilities software development services. Energy monitoring tools grant unparalleled visibility across your organization and network while improving productivity and customer service.

Why put your energy industry software project in our hands?

We’re a multi-talented team of developers, engineers, consultants, and program managers that can get things done on your timeline and budget. With specialized experience in delivering enterprise IT solutions for the energy industry, we stand out for a number of reasons:

  • We have experience implementing analytics for predictive maintenance, disaster recovery, and equipment monitoring
  • We are well-versed in navigating the intricacies of regulatory compliance in the energy industry
  • We specialize in modernizing legacy systems, empowering you with the latest technologies and standards while eliminating historical inefficiencies
  • We can help you take advantage of user-friendly and accessible mobile technologies without compromising the complexity of your backend IT systems

Energy industry software success stories

Energy Solutions Mobile-first

Making Emerson a competitor in a mobile-first world

With IIoT gaining traction in the energy sector, Emerson Process Management needed to design a new end-to-end solution. We designed and built the DeltaV mobile application to empower their customers with critical data.

Modernizing and scaling USA Compression’s core application

Modernizing and scaling USA Compression’s core application

USAC, a provider of compression services in the energy industry, needed help enhancing and maintaining their ERP app. We realized their vision by modernizing their workflow and security processes while maintaining SOX compliance.

Transforming field operations

Transforming field operations with a single source of truth

Our client, a provider of sensor-enabled drill bits, needed a system of record for performance monitoring across products. We partnered with them to design a cloud-based data monitoring application that aggregates real-time data.