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We Understand the Energy Sector

Transform the way your organization approaches workforce management, decision making, and field to back-office operations. Reduce costly downtime and improve reliability and safety to gain a competitive edge.

CIOs in the energy industry are seeking partners that can help them transform their business and address a range of operational challenges including the following:

  • Asset management (inventory management, measurement and counter readings, notification management, order management)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Materials management
  • Field service enablement (data collection/readings at equipment sites)
  • Workforce management

We engage with energy industry business and technology leaders to help them navigate these challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

A custom application makes Emerson a mobile-first competitor

Mobile solutions were exploding in the energy sector, so we partnered with Emerson to create a custom application designed for their users. The DeltaV mobile platform empowers customers with mission-critical data, while propelling Emerson into the future.

Featured Work

Updating a DCS for optimized operations: Emerson’s DeltaV mobile platform gives users both plant control data and analysis tools whenever they need it from wherever they are.

We Enable Business Transformation

We provide strategic guidance to CIOs and line-of-business leaders to ensure they have the appropriate enterprise software portfolio to meet their business objectives. This includes strategies for developing new applications, modernizing legacy applications, and integrating applications from M&A.

Below are some examples of recent Headspring projects:

  • For one Energy Trading System, we re-architected a legacy application to improve speed and reliability and reduce maintenance costs for energy bid/trading.
  • For a global energy company, we developed a data processing system that integrated with over 20 existing systems at HQ and subsidiaries to automate collection and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions to the EPA.

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