DevOps Pipeline Assessment

Accelerate your DevOps strategy with a solid CI/CD pipeline

Maximizing productivity means optimizing your performance

Organizations are making more and more strategic investments in DevOps—but often those investments need to be checked. If you want to make sure your pipelines are running their best, or need some advice on your DevOps implementation, then a DevOps Pipeline Assessment is a necessary step. Our experts will assess your current DevOps “maturity” and deliver recommendations that are designed to optimize your DevOps strategy, save costs, and accelerate throughput.

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What do I get out of a DevOps Pipeline Assessment?

Whether you’re just getting started with DevOps or are looking to ramp up speed, flexibility, or cost-efficiency, we’ll equip you to reach your goals fast. You’ll get:

  • A comprehensive DevOps pipeline analysis conducted by our competent experts
  • Guidance for optimizing your build and deploy processes
  • A fit-gap report of your current skill sets and staffing structure
  • An introduction to using Infrastructure as Code, along with a reference example
  • A DevOps strategy for both the short-term and long-term, plus a roadmap for rolling out recommendations

Our Four-step Assessment Process

Pipelines are complex. But our DevOps assessment is simple, and will set you on a clear path to optimal productivity:

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We work with you to understand current software development and operations practices to determine your DevOps maturity and identify gaps across skills, knowledge, and the team

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We take a deep look at your build and deploy processes and tooling, along with your source control strategy, use of Infrastructure as Code, and the effectiveness of your observability tools

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We measure the current performance of your entire develop and deploy pipeline and analyze your team’s expertise with building and implementing DevOps pipelines

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Based on our gathered knowledge, we recommend improvements to your source control and build and deploy processes, and suggest methods for better monitoring and observability