Development Approach

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Whether a legacy system modernization or an application development project with a tight deadline, we treat every project as a chance to work closely with your teams to create custom solutions that address both expressed and unexpressed needs. We find ways to excel beyond the tangible aspects of each project, offering thought leadership at every turn. Our distinct development approach is designed to get you where you need to be now, while setting you up for future growth.


Whether you’re starting with a vision or a fully-documented product, you need a partner who can cut through bureaucracy to enact change. We dig deep to discover all we can about your business and design end-to-end solutions in the tech stack that suits your needs. Our tightly-integrated teams are made up of some of the brightest minds in the industry, and we share our know-how, so every person represents the best of Headspring.


Success starts with a detailed roadmap that outlines assumptions and constraints, backlog-building, and estimations to get you to high-level timelines and milestones. We don’t strategize in a silo—we forge relationships across the organization to identify stakeholders, align goals, and establish clear team structures and meeting cadences. We thrive on autonomy but work collaboratively to define and deliver a true MVP.


Design thinking means applying deep understanding to create solutions that solve pressing problems and anticipate future ones. We use a proprietary prioritization framework to identify requirements and develop target personas based on actual interviews. Gathering feedback from those users and running usability tests helps us optimize critical user-facing elements.

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Creating the right infrastructure to support a project is crucial: We build robust test environments and establish CI/CD and DevOps pipelines. An agile approach to development allows us to deliver value iteratively and often. Communication is core to the process: Clear rhythms for standups, demos, and retrospectives keep you aware of every roadblock and milestone.


Short feedback loops based on actual user input are the key to constant progress. We work with you to prioritize features for future development, using data and analytics to fuel decisions. Our roadmap is a living document—and you’re in the driver’s seat. Our teams are ready to embrace new requirements as they come and flex to project needs.


We make sure that you’re fully equipped to operate, maintain, and enhance your system and drive continued transformation across people, processes, and technology. Our engagements include a complete knowledge transfer, technical handoff, and documentation—but they don’t stop there. We step it up as ongoing strategic partners to help you plan new features that scale your market success.

Our Development Accelerators

Automated Testing

Automated integration tests ensure that features work end-to-end and help minimize regression bugs.

Rapid Prototyping

Validate and refine requirements to reduce risk and accelerate the development process.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Reliable releases on a prescribed cadence realize value regularly and increase buy-in.

Rigorous Quality Control

Manual code reviews by tech leads combined with automated testing reduces QA needs, and keeps the project on track.

Design Thinking Applied

User-centric design, based on research and targeted personas, is part of a lean UX/UI process that results in a stronger product.

Vertical Slice Architecture

Features are developed in slices that don’t impact one another, minimizing the chance of regression as new ones are added.

Continuous Knowledge Sharing

Every person is a thought leader who contributes to and draws from a deep repository of technical knowledge that helps teams move faster. 

MVP Development

Realize value early and often by developing the least complex thing that delivers the biggest impact, then iterate based on feedback.

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