Code Review

Evaluate codebase practices to elevate your development team

Quality begins with your codebase

It’s hard to see the forest through the trees—or the lines-and-lines of code. If you want to be sure your development organization is as strong as it could be, a Code Review is a necessary healthcheck. We can provide an objective assessment of your own codebase, perform a third party code review, and guide improvements to your team that will enhance your output long term.

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What do I get from a Code Review?

We’re not just here to red-line your code, we’re objective experts who offer comprehensive guidance that will help you improve your throughput, increase quality, and strengthen your team. When you engage with us for code review services, here are the key things you’ll receive:

  • Code base documentation with recommendations for incremental improvement
  • Code quality and practices documentation with recommendations for ongoing upgrades
  • Full development backlog and a prioritized scope of improvements
  • Actionable next steps for recommended improvements

Our Four-step Review Process

Our code review process is comprehensive and collaborative, incorporating the following key phases:

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Partnering with your team, we work to understand your existing development methodology and practices and take a deep look at your current build processes.

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We review the solution-level architecture and infrastructure code, as well as class- and feature-level code, and assess your automated tests and tools.

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We analyze your current codebase using tools built into the Visual Studio IDE as well as standalone analysis tools like NDepend and dotTrace.

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You’ll receive documented recommendations for areas to focus on and their impact, as well as a roadmap for recommended improvements.