Cloud Readiness Assessment

Get your strategy off the ground with a custom cloud migration roadmap

If you’re heading to the cloud, make sure you’re on the right path

Want to take advantage of the cloud’s many benefits: cost-savings, speed, agility? The on-prem to cloud migration journey is complex, with many unforeseen considerations. So before you make the leap, let us take a look at your systems and help you craft the right strategy. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment will help you choose the right provider, plan out your architecture, examine costs/benefits, and ensure long term success.


What do I get out of a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

Whether you’re moving full off-prem or pursuing an integrated solution, we want to best equip you for your journey to the cloud. Our assessment delivers the following necessities to support a successful cloud migration strategy:

  • Documentation of existing systems
  • Documentation of integration dependencies
  • Diagram of the proposed system architecture
  • Cloud migration roadmap
  • Cloud migration timeline and backlog
  • Cloud migration cost analysis

Our Four-step Assessment Process

The Cloud Readiness Assessment is designed to uncover your unique needs and deliver the BEST plan for moving forward.

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We assess your applications and deployments and talk to team stakeholders to identify technical requirements and determine the appropriate tools/technologies

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We review the architecture of your current systems and create new diagrams where appropriate to support a smooth cloud migration

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We perform a thorough analysis that helps us determine priorities for migrating each application and/or system to the cloud

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We recommend the best-suited cloud provider and cloud native tools, provide a cloud migration cost analysis, and deliver a cloud migration roadmap

What cloud platform do you work with?

Our expertise runs the gamut—we’ve partnered on projects using Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. By the end of our assessment, we’ll have determined the best-suited platform for you, and our cross-platform cloud experts will set you up in the environment that suits your needs.

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