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Yogi Aradhye
Yogi Aradhye
Principal Consultant
Yogi is a technical leader with 10+ years experience developing a diverse array of systems. His career spans manufacturing, retail, healthcare, marketing, and finance, having helped clients in every sector solve pressing business challenges. Yogi is a presenter at conferences and user group meetings, active in the .NET User group. He also likes to blog about technical topics, and his genuine enthusiasm about the work he does makes Yogi an asset to his teams and clients.

Latest Post

Principles for microservices integration

Out of the many advantages of microservices, the most significant motivations are scale and autonomy for business units. These go hand in hand. However, we still need to create an integrated experience that makes sense for the end user. It’s important to keep both...

The business case for observability

In the previous post, we took a look at what observability is and how to build it into your application. Just to recap, observability is developing insights into the system based on external signs. For example, the car dashboard has a service engine light,...

How to increase observability in microservices

The nature of distributed systems/microservices has challenged us to rethink our approach to making an application or service observable. Common practices used in the enterprise may not give us the valuable data we need, at the scale we need, to proactively understand...