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Vasudha Prabhala
Vasudha Prabhala
Vice President, Service Delivery
Vashuda has over 15 years of industry and consulting experience managing diverse, cross-functional global teams and producing tangible results across industries including, manufacturing, hi-tech, Energy and finance. Her expertise includes B2B marketing, enterprise solutions, business intelligence, e-commerce, emerging technologies, client relationship management, and managing multimillion dollar portfolio of solutions and programs.

Latest Posts

The 5 digital transformation pillars

Digital transformation has gone into hyperdrive—thanks in large part to the recent pandemic. As consumers, we’ve been pushed towards ordering food through apps, shopping online, and utilizing digital services. As businesses, we’re finding new ways to operate remotely...

The Selfless Engineer | Open Source Summit 2020

A software engineer with great coding skills and great communication skills is a diamond in the rough. But maybe it’s high-time you shine!   Even if you’re more comfortable interacting with software than with people, you already have the tools to break out of the...

Why IT needs to be involved early in the M&A process

Billions of dollars are spent on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) every year. 70-90% of those mergers and acquisitions fail, according to the Harvard Business Review. The top three reasons consistently cited are 1) lack of shareholder value, 2) inability to leverage...

Change management for a truly agile culture

Becoming an agile organization is a major challenge, but an even bigger challenge is doing it right. Organizations can encounter myriad missteps during Agile Transformation, but one of the biggest is neglecting a change management strategy that addresses culture from...