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Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas
Director of Engineering
Ryan Thomas has 14+ years' experience managing complex and diverse business systems. He has led teams and projects relating to IT infrastructure and custom software development. This blend of experience is a unique advantage in any technical project where teams are frequently filled with specialists who need help bridging the gaps between their work.

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The fundamentals of Xamarin development

You’ve spent months or years building a robust web application with dozens of features and an established user base. One day, the boss visits and gives you a simple, yet terrifying requirement: “We need a Xamarin app.” If you’ve only worked...

To avoid systems integration snags, first assume the worst

Integrating your systems with a third-party platform may be the fastest way to add new functionality to your application—but the path to productivity isn’t always smooth. Services that your users need may not always be responsive or available, so are you taking the...