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Patrick McVeety-Mill
Patrick McVeety-Mill
Senior Consultant at Headspring
Patrick is an enthusiastic and driven software consultant, practiced in refactoring legacy projects and developing web and cloud solutions for a wide variety of business domains. As a dedicated learner, he is quick to adapt to new systems and internalize client missions; finding opportunities for innovation and sharing knowledge with his team. A long prior history in the service industry has provided him a work ethic and team communication skills often uncharacteristic in the engineering world.

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The old data strategy standard of “chuck it in SQL” is as low-effort as ever to implement. But as time passes and applications change, hard-set relational data structures become easy to trip over, and the ceremony required to make changes is a slog to step through....

OK Human Episode 01: Developer Empathy

Welcome to OK Human, a podcast that brings you deep thoughts and casual ponderings on topics at the intersection of people and technology. It’s hosted by our very own software guru and (literal) trailblazer, Patrick McVeety-Mill, a.k.a. Booger Bear. He invites other...