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Patrick Lioi
Patrick Lioi
Principal Consultant
Patrick is a technical leader with 15+ years’ experience developing systems across industries. He’s an asset to both clients and team, having helmed training and mentorship programs that drive agility and performance. As a project “accelerator,” he increases teams’ throughput, and brings a deep knowledge of C# and automated testing to the table. He’s also the architect of the Fixie test framework, an open source contribution that’s integral to many projects.

Latest Posts

How the Fixie test framework leverages developer ergonomics

TL;DR: The Fixie test framework reinvents .NET testing from a minimalist perspective. Eliminating complexity in its implementation has enabled a laser focus on smooth command line, IDE, and CI integrations. By placing developer ergonomics as the top priority, the end...

Meaningful test coverage in .NET Core 3

Your tests come with a glowing code coverage report, but I’m not convinced. A subtle rot spreads through your tests without you even knowing it: your tests keep passing, your code coverage report keeps claiming health, but in fact, your tests drift further and further...

Patterns for using Entity Framework in C# 8

C# 8 adds Nullable Reference Types, which warns us about problematic null values. If you’re upgrading to C# 8, you may run into a few challenges for Entity Framework. Although frustrating at first, the warnings can also be catalysts for finding more effective ways to...