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Nolan Egly
Nolan Egly
Principal Consultant
Nolan has spent the past 12+ years working with software, with projects spanning medical, law enforcement, logistics, government, technician services, and manufacturing sectors. Having worked in both product organizations and consultancies, he has a perspective that balances earning value quickly with designing for the long term.

Recently Nolan has been helping define and implement the minimum functionality needed to bring a manufacturing facility online on an accelerated schedule.

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On any software team, the Technical Lead (TL) has a crucial role to play: This person functions as a leader and coordinator of the developers, as well as a point of contact with the business or management. Obviously, the capability of your TL will greatly affect the...

Designing lean manufacturing systems for mass customization

Custom manufacturing is an attractive business to be in, whether you’re founding a manufacturing startup or expanding a mass production factory into the personalization market. Mass customization of products—like items engraved with customer-specified text or a...

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Corey Haines (@coreyhaines) wrote an interesting article on something he’s calling short-lived branches.  The short version is: Corey observed that we sometimes think of better ways to code something after we’ve started, but won’t start over (in economics this is...