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Lola Mullen
Lola Mullen
Principal Consultant
Lola is a Project and Program Manager with 10+ years of experience guiding large and small organizations through successful project planning and execution across a variety of industries. She's holds an Advanced Project Management certification from Stanford University, and is also a certified SAFe Agilist and Scrum Master.

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It’s not Agile, It’s you Pt. 2: Getting all hands on deck

Problem: “We tried Agile, but we couldn’t get support from outside of our team, so it slowly reverted back to waterfall.” Every methodology has a set of situations within which it thrives. They’re similar to plants in that you can’t put, say, a cactus down in just any...

It’s not Agile, it’s you: Pt. 1, Agile challenges

In my time working with both product and consulting companies, I’ve discovered the only practice that’s consistent is that no practice is consistently implemented. Every company, department, and team has its own internal languages and shared histories; its own ways of...