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Jimmy Bogard
Jimmy Bogard
Chief Architect
Jimmy Bogard oversees the technical design and architecture of Headspring solutions, evaluating potential technologies and increasing awareness of technologies on the horizon.

Jimmy has more than 10 years of experience delivering solutions ranging from shrink-wrapped products to enterprise e-commerce applications for Fortune 100 customers. He is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) and is an active member in the .NET community, serving as President of the Austin .NET User Group, leading open source projects, giving technical presentations, and facilitating technical book clubs. Jimmy is a the author of ASP.NET MVC in Action, has received the “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) award for ASP.NET every year from 2009-2015, and speaks regularly at international technology conferences. Outside of Headspring, Jimmy is a proud fair-weather fan of Houston sports teams and enjoys attending local sporting events with his wife and toddler.

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In the last post, we looked at using a few common refactorings to encapsulate operations and push behavior down into our domain model. While this works to encapsulate operations, we haven’t yet encapsulated our data. Take a look at the current Offer model:...

Domain-driven refactoring: Long methods

In the last post, I walked through the main, immediate code smell we saw of a long method, and I would classify this method as long: public class AssignOfferHandler : IRequestHandler<AssignOfferRequest> { private readonly AppDbContext _appDbContext; private...

Domain-driven refactoring: Procedural beginnings

Posts in this series: Intro Procedural Beginnings As part of the red-green-refactor TDD process, the second step of making the test pass means we write the simplest (but still correct) code that can possibly work that flips our test from red to green. For me, this...