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Glenn Burnside
Glenn Burnside
Glenn Burnside serves as Executive Vice President of Operations, ensuring the successful, “zero-surprises” execution of all client projects through Headspring’s unique ROI-driven delivery framework.

A graduate of Texas A&M University, Glenn has been delivering software projects and leading development teams for over 15 years, ranging from high-speed data acquisition libraries to global e-commerce solutions, as well as enterprise products for both the medical and financial industries. He works with Headspring’s consulting staff, ensuring they are equipped to deliver insightful solutions to clients’ business needs. Glenn is an Eagle Scout, a Microsoft Certified Professional, and a Certified Scrum Master, and regular speaker at community user groups.
Kevin Ackerman
Kevin Ackerman
Senior Consultant at Headspring
Kevin is a Senior Consultant at Headspring who has been coding professionally for the last 7+ years for clients and companies across a variety of industries. He enjoys creating solutions to solve specific technology problems, leveraging his pragmatic approach and a drive to make the greatest positive impact possible. Kevin has delivered mission-critical front-end solutions for many clients and is part of the Headspring’s Front-end forum.

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