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Garo Yeriazarian
Garo Yeriazarian
Principal Consultant at Headspring
Garabed (Garo) Yeriazarian is a technical leader with 16+ years experience developing a diverse array of systems. He has coached many teams in technical practices and project development processes around the world.

Latest Post

The Twelve-Factor App: Get your software cloud-ready

The Twelve-Factor App is a set of principles to guide you in developing cloud-ready software. .NET Core offers a lot of benefits and helps you get started quicker. Our resident software whisperer Garo Yeriazarian spoke to the Houston .NET User Group (HDNUG) about how...

Sink or Sync: Aligning people and teams for Modernization

Complex software projects like Digital Transformation or Modernization carry a lot of risk due to the expansive nature of change they require. Effective modernization efforts touch all levels of the company, from the top executives, across functional teams, and...

Uncovering the cross-platform capabilities of .NET

Software Whisperers like myself live for those teaching moments in which we truly open someone’s eyes to new possibilities and completely upturn that person’s worldview. My favorite experiences are when I’ve blown the minds of senior C# developers with these four...