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Dean Goodman
Dean Goodman
Principal Consultant
Dean is a technical leader with 12+ years of experience managing complex and diverse business systems.

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What makes .NET 6 a critical upgrade for developers?

Heads up! .NET 6 (and ASP.NET 6, by extension) is set to be released at the 2021 .NET Conf, between November 9 and 11. If you’re thinking “wasn’t .NET 5 just released” or “I just started with .NET 3.1,” well, you’re not wrong—.NET 5 was released on November 10, 2020,...

Introducing ETL pipelines in the Bulk Writer Library 3.0

TL;DR A new version of the Bulk Writer library has been released. One of the major enhancements is the addition of a new helper class for creating ETL pipelines. With some fluent configuration, you can put fast, memory-efficient processing pipelines ahead of...

How the Bulk Writer library lets you load data faster

Quick—off the top of your head, how many times have you had to write code to move a bunch of data from an external source into your application database?  Was there a requirement that the process be fast?  Yeah, we both know the answer to that one. Really, shuffling...

Solving .NET memory leaks in your IoC containers

Have you ever had to deal with a .NET app that keeps crashing due to OutOfMemoryException? Or maybe it uses a lot more memory than you expect and you’re not quite sure why. .NET memory leaks aren’t supposed to be a thing, but we do still bear some responsibility for...