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Dane Schilling
Dane Schilling
Principal Consultant
Dane is a senior consultant at Headspring where he develops enterprise applications with a variety of .NET technologies. Based in the Houston, Texas office, he is a cunning technical leader as his role requires acumen across servers, data, and client requirements. Before joining Headspring, Dane served several educational school systems and institutions and graduated from the University of Houston in Computer Science.

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This post was written for the C# Advent Calendar. Follow them to receive the gift of coding insights, twice per day in December! We want our code to be easy to use and test. When dealing with things that change, like the current time or randomized numbers, static...

Cleaning up code: When to “Boy Scout” and when not to

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Houston GiveCamp a Great Success. Now it’s Austin’s Turn.

[UPDATED October 12, 2015]As a Senior Consultant at Headspring, I get to do a lot of remarkable things. For example, I’ve contributed to many projects ranging from a cutting edge higher education data tool to a customer support portal for one of the largest private...