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Chad Stever
Chad Stever
Principal Consultant at Headspring
Chad is a technical leader with 10+ years of experience developing diverse business systems across multiple industries including Aeronautics, Government, and Healthcare. His technical expertise includes: Full-stack development, Front end development, Legacy systems, Cloud development, Agile development processes, Team leadership, and Unit & Integration Testing.

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TL;DR: Together, Docker Desktop and Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 provide a great experience for developing with Linux containers on Windows with a fast, efficient, and lightweight virtual machine. Docker Desktop uses WSL 2 enhancements for faster boot times and...

How to make the most of your xUnit test

We all know that testing is essential, but how can we make sure our tests are clean and work better for us?  What do we do when we have to test the results of different input values for a single method? .NET test frameworks provide a consistent answer to this...