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Anne Epstein
Anne Epstein
Principal Consultant
Anne is a technical leader with 18+ years experience developing a diverse array of systems. She has a career spanning clients in government, associations, and the private sector. She has spoken at conferences, led non-profit software development efforts, and has coached numerous developers entering the consulting industry.

Latest Posts

XlsToEf: When to use it and when not to

Have you ever had an existing application using Entity Framework and then needed to import some data from spreadsheets? Maybe it was even IMPORTANT that the import go through your existing entities. For example, a customer may want to upload updated lookup tables or...

Refactoring code gets interesting with generics

Duplication in code often arises organically and can cause problems like missing updates of the duplicated cases or just obscuring the actual flow through the code due to large amounts of boilerplate code. Refactoring code to eliminate duplication can take a bit of...

Managing the people side of pull requests

When we spend time on a piece of code, we can feel like that code is a part of us. Criticism about your code can feel even worse than a seemingly more personal criticism, like comments about appearance. We can come to feel like our code is a reflection of who we truly...

Rewriting your multi-lingual system for better maintainability

Dealing with multiple programming languages is usually a sign of progress – maybe you’ve bought another company and you have a whole new amazing product line to go with all the stuff you’ve done forever! Or, maybe you’re taking a look at your diverse company...