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Technology leaders today have an unprecedented opportunity to drive change and make a real impact within our own organizations and within the industry at large. And we don’t think we should do it in silos. Together, we can elevate one another in our roles and accelerate the insights that lead to even more impact and opportunity.

Technology’s role as an innovator and value-creator is being acknowledged as never before. We built this community to help each other elevate our IT organizations within our businesses and establish ourselves as true and valued partners.

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What we do

The Technology Leaders Network amplifies perspectives and connects you with peers in the technology industry looking to share best practices for driving progress. We’re a forward-thinking group of thought leaders, change makers, and management experts—all with unique experiences to speak from that can enhance the collective good.

What you get

As part of our Technology Leaders Network, you’re provided with a sounding board for expressing your ideas, talking about challenges, and soliciting or offering advice. This is both an opportunity to learn collectively and grow personally by amplifying your voice and perspective.

How we partner with technology leaders

Thought Leadership: Amplify your voice

Technology leaders (at least the ones we know!) are some of the brightest people in business. You’ve got your fingers on the pulse of not just the latest tech trends, but the way the world at large is moving. Bring us your thoughts and we’ll give you a platform to share them, amplifying your voice and your personal brand.

Advisory Services: Expand your influence

You didn’t get to where you are today just by being great with technology. You’re also a proven leader, effective manager, and probably even a great coach. This is your chance to share those skills with organizations who can directly benefit from your expertise, while expanding your reach and elevating your career as a trusted advisor.

Mentorship: Learn together

Technology leaders—this is our time to shine. And if we work together, we can support each other and the collective “us” in achieving a brighter future. We get wrapped up in our day-to-day challenges, but connecting with peers can help so much. We’ve created a community where networking isn’t a chore, but a privilege that produces mutual benefits.

A business-case for microservices, built for the C-suite

We know it can be a challenge getting buy-in from your peers on the business side of the table. Part of what our Technology Leaders Network was built for is to help us communicate and align IT goals with business objectives.

In this guide, we consider microservices from the CFO’s perspective, addressing the financial concerns that can hold a project back. Our experts demonstrate how the benefits of building small, autonomous services extend beyond the development perks and also impact your business’ bottom line.

Why Microservices Matter to CFOs cover

Insights from our Technology Leaders

Fellow Technology Leaders share their stories, advice, and passions. Learn how they’re rising to the occasion here and on our blog.

Ed Benson Business led IT

Q&A with Management Consultant Ed Benson

Ed has spent his leadership career on both the business and IT sides of the table  He joined us to talk about and how today’s technology leaders can embrace a more “business-led mindset” to put themselves and their organizations ahead.

Transportation QA

Q&A with IntelliTrans President Ken Sherman

Ken has spent his entire career solving problems across supply chains. He joined us to share his thoughts on the role technology plays in the transportation and commodities industries, and what companies can do to stay ahead.

Dave Condren - Expert Series

6 tips for CIOs on building consensus w/ Dave Condren

Dave Condren is a veteran technology leader and a former CIO at Travelers Insurance. He shares his insights on the challenges of getting things done in a legacy organization and offers advice for IT leaders on building consensus with the business.

IT leader each for equal

Q&A with Julie Bullerman, VP of IT, USA Compression

We had the pleasure of interviewing an inspiring technology leader, Julie Bullerman. She is a respected VP and Air Force veteran who has successfully navigated male-dominated fields by wielding one equalizing ideal: treating ALL people respectfully.

Erik Kubinski Headspring Technology Leader

How Healthcare CIOs can accelerate innovation in a post-pandemic environment w/ Erik Kubinski

Erik is a CIO with 25+ years of IT management experience. He discusses how changes to healthcare policy and operations spurred by the pandemic have raised the impetus for IT leaders to spend their efforts more strategically.

Perspectives on Technology, Innovation, and Leadership

Technology CIOs

Four types of CIOs and the challenges they face today

Technology leaders today have an opportunity to move from business-enablers to value-creators. For CIOs, this means focusing squarely on innovation, transformation, and monetization. But not every CIO is in the same boat: A person’s career stage and/or positions within the organization will determine how, and with what resources, they can act. In our two decades of partnering with CIOs, we’ve examined their challenges, motivations, and goals, and have identified a few different CIO categories based on certain commonalities.

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