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Microservices are meant to scale (if you’re doing it right)—but with greater scale comes greater complexity. The burden grows on developers, tech leads, and QA teams to make sure that the messaging between services is seamless. But in a system that’s always changing, how do you make 100% sure that a change to your message producers won’t break something on the consumer end?

Enter Totem: a new testing tool designed to relieve the burden of orchestration across multiple teams. You’ll hear from Totem’s own architects, Yogi Aradhye and Erin Knight, about what it does and how you can use it. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • What problems you may encounter when evolving your microservices system
  • Why existing methods fall short of solving all of your contract testing problems
  • How Totem works to manage contract definitions and test microservices messages

This is a brand new, open-source tool meant to make building and scaling microservices more efficient—we welcome your feedback and feature requests! So join Yogi and Erin to find out how Totem fits into your project, and where you can go to give it a spin.


Yogi Aradhye

Yogi Aradhye has been writing code well over a decade and has worked on many different kinds of technologies. His diverse work experience spans from small startups to large enterprises such as DELL. Currently, he is leading projects at Headspring as a Principal Consultant with a focus on building advanced distributed systems. Over the past 20 months, he has been a lead architect for a financial services client. He sets patterns and guides multiple teams in a collaborative journey towards microservices. Yogi has also been a speaker at .NET User Group Code Camps in Hartford, Boston, Houston, and Austin. Recently, he presented at Kansas City Developer Conference.


Erin Knight

Erin is a front-end developer and project manager with 7+ years of experience building enterprise web applications. She has a keen eye for detail and design, and enjoys building beautiful, functional experiences for users. As a Senior Consultant at Headspring, she brings a background in design, development, and quality assurance to her varied projects. Erin is integral to supporting teams and driving project success.

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