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September 18
1:00 – 2:00 pm CDT

Live Webinar


Replatforming is the process of moving your software from one hosting structure to another—cloud migration being a popular example. The ultimate goal of replatforming is to achieve better financial results (profit) and faster time to market (fun). This journey is fraught with peril as you navigate a complex vendor landscape, buzzword-compliant one-sheets, and the increasing expectations of your current (and future) customers.

This webinar addresses the first step of such a journey: Knowing yourself. To know yourself means to understand your targets and your constraints so that you can best map a path to modernizing your applications.

In this webinar you’ll learn to:

  • Correctly identify the “why?” of your replatforming project
  • Assess your cloud maturity level
  • Evaluate on-prem, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS options
  • Ask the right questions and identify red flags

You’ll also have a chance to ask questions!

This will not be a technical deep dive on whipping your code into shape, but an honest retrospective on how your business software runs relative to expectations of the modern market, so that you can become more competitive—and profitable!

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Garo Yeriazarian

Born and raised in the ever-expanding Greater Houston Area, Garo has been messing with software for at least 27 years, writing it for money for about 15 years, talking about it for maybe 20 years, and loving every clock cycle of it. He has worked as *the* Software Whisperer for Baker Hughes, leading software teams, conducting design reviews, and coaching people on how put the 0’s and 1’s in a close enough order to make things work. More recently, he is a Principal Consultant (and Software Whisperer) at Headspring for the past year, making silky smooth software for industrial companies, coaching junior developers in how not to cause major outages in their first weeks on the job, and bringing mirth and merriment everywhere he goes.

Josh Gill


Joshua Gill

Joshua is responsible for inside sales and account management at Headspring. He has 10 years experience selling custom software solutions ranging from software modernization to mobile applications and IoT. His current focus is on helping enterprise clients with legacy applications move to modern platforms with modern code, allowing them to scale their business through Digital Transformation.

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