Modernize the architect’s role and drive microservices success

For organizations moving to microservices, autonomy is a huge draw—but it can become something of a double-edged sword. With autonomy comes the responsibility on the part of the development team and the organization to maintain diligent design oversight.

Enter the architects—usually a group of senior engineers with no clear understanding of what their level of oversight should be, yet now beholden to their appointed roles. The group gets viewed as an “ivory tower,” always busy in meetings when they’re needed in the field. Now you have smart engineers doing more meetings than coding, anarchy is breeding, and nobody is happy. What’s going on here? What can you, either as an architect or an organizational leader, do?

In this talk, we’ll take a look at how to break some traditional molds and modernize the architect’s role. I’ll take you through a journey to explore some principles—forged through practice on real-world client projects—via an interactive diagramming session.

You’ll learn strategies for:

  • Mentoring development teams
  • Scaling processes
  • Maximizing efficiency

With the right structures in place, architects can guide teams into the “pit of success,” as Scott Guthrie likes to put it. We want to make sure architects are viewed as close peers and not as 10xengineers.

Yogi Aradhye Headshot


Yogi Aradhye

Yogi Aradhye has been writing code well over a decade and has worked on many different kinds of technologies. His diverse work experience includes small startups to large enterprises such as DELL. Currently, he is leading projects at Headspring as a Principal Consultant with a focus on building advanced distributed systems. Over the past 20 months, he has been a lead architect for a financial services client. He sets patterns and guides multiple teams in a collaborative journey towards microservices. Yogi has also been a speaker at .NET User Group Code Camps in Hartford, Boston, Houston, and Austin. Recently, he presented at Kansas City Developer Conference.

Josh Gill


Joshua Gill

As a Client Director Joshua is responsible for field sales at Headspring. He has 10 years experience selling custom software solutions ranging from software modernization to mobile applications and IoT. His current focus is on helping enterprise clients with legacy applications move to modern platforms with modern code, allowing them to scale their business through Digital Transformation.

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