Refactor your existing applications incrementally towards a vertical slice architecture

Has your layered-architecture application devolved into a Big Ball of Mud? Are you feeling mired by the thought of rewriting the whole thing?

Take heart! With Vertical Slice Architecture (VSA), you don’t need a blank slate to get started. In this webinar, Chief Architect and Technical Fellow Jimmy Bogard will show you how to take a Ball of Mud and make it better. You’ll learn all about:

  • Refactoring existing applications to a Vertical Slice architecture
  • Design request and response objects based on application inputs
  • Refactoring existing application code into handlers
  • Libraries for cross-cutting concerns that fit with a vertical slice architecture

The encapsulation that VSA provides around slices of behavior frees you to refactor your existing application incrementally and safely. Join us to learn how to move your messy application towards a Vertical Slice Architecture that keeps code untangled and scales better over time.

And for those of you who wanted to know more about Vertical Slice Architecture, check out our latest podcast episode in which Jimmy goes deep on the topic: OK Human Ep 6 – Vertical Slice Architecture with Jimmy Bogard

Jimmy Bogard headshot


Jimmy Bogard

Jimmy is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) and is an active member in the .NET community, serving as President of the Austin .NET User Group, leading multiple open source projects with millions of downloads worldwide, giving technical presentations, and facilitating technical book clubs. Jimmy is the author of the book ASP.NET MVC in Action, has received the “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) award for ASP.NET every year since 2009, and speaks regularly at international technology conferences.

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