Missed our Leading with Consciousness webinar or want to watch it again? Check out the recording above!

In this 3-part webinar series, we engage in thoughtful, one-on-one dialogue with three leaders who aren’t only leading with intention, they’re building vibrant communities of fellow leaders who are changing the status quo and redefining their markets.

In session 3, we discuss the unprecedented need to bring consciousness into our business strategies. How can we embody this as leaders? Alexander talks about a “stakeholder mindset” that emphasizes value-creation for everyone: customers, employees, partners, and the communities we touch. You’ll learn how to create a culture that’s flexible, inclusive, and engages the hearts and minds of all involved.

A conscious world starts with conscious leaders. Enjoy this critical conclusion to our leadership series!

Alexander McCobin, CEO, Conscious Capitalism


Alexander McCobin

Alexander is CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. (CCI), dedicated to improving the practice and perception of business. Both an academic and an entrepreneur, Alexander tabled a PhD dissertation on corporate moral responsibility to pursue changing the world through business. He went on to turn CCI into a multi-million-dollar organization.


Dustin Wells

As CEO of the software consultancy Headspring and Co-Founder of the engagement analytics company Workify, Dustin prioritizes people and culture to drive growth. He’s also a founding member of Culturati, a community of leaders who practice culture-building and share ideas.

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