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In this 3-part webinar series
, we’ll engage in thoughtful, one-on-one dialogue with three leaders who aren’t only leading with intention, they’re building vibrant communities of fellow leaders who are changing the status quo and redefining their markets.

In session 2, we’ll explore what it really means for leaders to put purpose at the heart of our strategies. How do we navigate the conundrum that we face in challenging times, when culture and values seem at odds with the health of the business? We’ll also look at a paradigm shift that calls for leaders to embrace personalism and human connection. Our panelists will share stories about how purpose has helped them to engage their communities and thrive in the face of adversity.

Purpose isn’t a marketing tactic, it’s the way for us to lead with contribution and value-creation.


Hamsa Daher

Hamsa Daher is an expert energizer and integrator in the world of business leadership with 14+ years’ experience shaping organizations. As Executive Director of the Small Giants Community, Hamsa supports a growing contingent of small business leaders who believe that success is purpose-driven—also fostering an exclusive partnership with Forbes, which identifies and recognizes Small Giants annually.

Rob Dube


Rob Dube

Rob Dube started his first business by selling Blow Pops out of his high school locker. Today, he’s the Co-CEO and Co-founder of imageOne, which was recognized in 2017 as one a Forbes Small Giant. He’s an exemplary member of the Small Giants Community, leading with passion and care. He’s also the author of the book donothing, which spawned an annual leadership retreat focused on cultivating mindfulness.


Dustin Wells

As CEO of the software consultancy Headspring and Co-Founder of the engagement analytics company Workify, Dustin prioritizes people and culture to drive growth. He’s also a founding member of Culturati, a community of leaders who practice culture-building and share ideas.

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